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preparing for toddler in school

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By Septemberrayne on Fri, 12-25-09, 21:54

My child has several allergies. Peanuts,Corn, Soy, MSG, Milk, Wheat, Shellfish, Whitefish, Cats, Cedar, Grass,Cotton, Latex and Penicillin. Peanut is the severe one with shellfish and whitefish close behind.

We go for allergy tests on a regular interval to determine if there is a chance to outgrow any of these, and this far, there has been no chance.

I am in a panic as a prepare for the up coming preschool start date in a few weeks.

I have been very diligent and have not had to use an epi-pen ever since becoming aware of these allergies. ( Most of which we have been aware of since 6 months of age.)

I looked and found a few patches to iron onto the outfits one being from Jeeto and the rest are red. Problem is, Jeeto can not be ordered from and the uniforms the school requires are red. I really do not want to use stickers because they tend to come off easily around Three year olds.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me that could help me better prepare myself, the school and my child?

Thank you.

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By TracyC on Wed, 12-30-09, 12:03

I'm planning on buying sports band-type bracelet for my sons soon. I think my kids will think they are cool, and obviously, they are more durable than stickers.

Could she wear a bracelet rather than an iron-on?

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By BestAllergySites on Fri, 01-01-10, 21:17

I agree with Tracy. Allergy bracelets are the best thing ever invented.

My son has been wearing one since he was about 3 maybe.

He wears it daily now. It' a silver one with a silver chain. It doesn't even bother him. We put it on the wrist opposite of his writing hand.

There are many styles and many brands--but I do highly recommend an allergy/medical bracelet.

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By Septemberrayne on Fri, 01-01-10, 21:53

We tried the bracelets the metal one and the Velcro one, but she ripped them off even after explaining that she had to wear it because of the peanuts. I refuse to use the necklaces because the choking hazard.

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By BestAllergySites on Sun, 01-03-10, 20:50

I'd look for a shoelace charm or other shoe item, a pin or button, or allergy tshirts (I guess tees won't work with a uniform). There are so many great products out there now though, I am sure you can find something.

Take a look at the products category on Best Allergy Sites for some listings--we update with new companies regularly.


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By Septemberrayne on Sun, 01-03-10, 21:03

Will do.

Tomorrow is the big day. I did not sleep at all last night and i am sure i will not tonight.

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By Adrinonuts on Sat, 04-03-10, 02:24

They now sell tattoos that do not come off easily.

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By heather tabor on Mon, 04-12-10, 18:34

www.design-a-band.com is an excellent website to order silicone medical bracelets in all sizes. My son has been wearing them since preschool. (For severe peanut allergy)

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