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Help! Easter Egg Hunt!

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By mj mom on Wed, 03-31-10, 13:41

I just need some support and advice--I think I know what I need to do, but want some opinions!

My son goes to a private school with, basically, no peanut policy. The school still serves peanut butter upon request, however he is in a "peanut free classroom." He is in Pre-K, and I keep him half-day because I am not sure they really know how to monitor him at lunch (no peanut free table).

They are having an Easter Egg Hunt soon and there was a request for candy to put in the eggs--no peanut warning. I have had NUMEROUS meetings with this teacher and she still seems to "not get it."

My son has looked forward to this for weeks, and I was guaranteed a month ago there would be no candy/food related parties/etc. for Easter....now we have this hunt with God knows what kind of candy.

I have emailed the teacher again telling her my son will probably not participate to leave the ball in her court. In the past she's given me the "I'm sorry" routine "let's work this out," but it happens each time. We just had a meeting around Valentine's Day. My son is only four and hasn't really been in daycare/school b/c of his allergy--my last daycare provider gave him peanut products all the time--when we found out we pulled him.

What do I do? Should I keep him home? We all know that just because the label seems safe, doesn't mean it is....I'm waiting for her reply to my email...my son will be devastated if he can't go, but I just can't think of any other safe alternative. I'm so afraid he will get excited and assume it's safe....


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By Michaels Mom on Wed, 03-31-10, 19:44

I have a similar situation for Halloween/Easter at our daycare. I trust the staff fully and they are VERY attentive. They know Michael can not have any of the candy that is brought in. Michael knows this too, but is still too young (3) to fully trust to not eat without supervision. He turns in any candy from the egg hunt or "trick or treating" and gets safe candy at home. I should also add that his daycare is nut free, so we are only dealing with "may contains"...it's not like he's handling PB eggs or anything! Being able to participate in the activity iteself, seems to be rewarding enough at this point. As he gets older, this may change. My younger son has an egg allergy. The daycare is not is NOT egg free, so I have no idea how we'll handle that when the time comes :(

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By cmvervais on Thu, 04-01-10, 02:55

My daughter is only 2.5 so I'm not an expert here, but can you attend the event, and then as soon as he is done egg-hunting trade out his candy for his own safe treats? That would be my first inclination. I wouldn't trust his teacher to do it, and you might want to take him home after the egg-hunt in case other kids are running around with Reese's peanut butter cups....

I'm still debating the best way to handle things like that in my daughter's preschool. There is a potluck next week for example, and I've decided we just can't go because there are just too many risks with it. But she's too little to care, it's more for the parents. Since your little one wants to participate, I know it makes it harder to decide the best course of action.

Let us know what you decide!

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