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Epipen at School

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By janeanneowen on Tue, 09-14-10, 23:23

My 1st grader's teacher just called to ask if we could consider him carrying his Epipen at school. Last year, in Kindergarten, the teachers passed the Epipen as he went to different areas.

Please let me know if your child carries his/her Epipen. What does he/she carry it in. How has it worked? Any tips, greatly appreciated.

Note: I talked to my son just briefly about it today and he does not want to do it. Still, considering he will need to always have one, it may be the best thing- and great to get him used to it early.

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By nmainmom on Wed, 09-15-10, 00:49

You can find the "Auto-Injector Carrying Cases" on this website. On the left side of the home page, scroll down to the Main Menu, it's listed there. My daughter is in second grade and she DOES NOT carry her own Epi-pen. (It is in the nurses office) My older daughter has ASTHMA and before she could "carry" her own inhaler, we had to have a doctors form filled out by her doctor. On that form it states that the child knows how to self administer the medication. I know before my daughter (in second grade) could carry her own Epi-Pen, the same form will need to be filled out by her doctor, the school nurse, and myself. Talk to your son's school nurse. It sounds like your son isn't ready to carry his own Epi-pen yet. I know it's hard as a parent to decide what is really best for our children.

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By hollys2funboys on Mon, 09-20-10, 18:15

My son in currently in grade 1 and has been wearing an E-belt since junior kindergarten. In the case of an allergic reaction, the epipen must be readily available. The few minutes it takes to locate your son's medication could be the difference between life and death and it's just not worth the risk. Get him a carrier now that's he's young (so he gets used to wearing one). There are many organizations that sell them, Medic Alert being one of them. Also check


Good luck!

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By zeena2 on Tue, 09-21-10, 03:38

You can even purchase neoprene waist packs from Amazon. They sell them for runners, but it fits my daughter's epipen perfectly and leaves a little room for her to carry a little this and that with her.

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