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Choosing schools...two different allergy management policies. Need opinions!

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By PA Mommy on Sun, 02-12-12, 11:44

We are looking at schools for my daughter and son. Daughter does not have FAs but son is pn/tn. He isn't school age yet but I want him to be able to safely and successfully attend with my daughter.

We like two schools. One we love curriculum-wise. Better education, much smaller class sizes, etc. They allow birthday treats in the classroom and random foodstuffs but have been very clear that they want me to make the rules for my son's class and they will follow them. I'll be room mom for parties, etc.

The other school is very nice, too. The class sizes are larger and I think the educational quality may be somewhat inferior, but it's still a fine school. AND their allergy management is awesome. They have at least 4 kids in each grade with FAs and they keep them in the same classroom, so my son will never be odd-man-out. They do not allow any food treats in classrooms other than parties, which I can oversee and approve. No food surprises can be brought into the classroom without being inspected at the office. Homemade items are sent home.

So...if it weren't for FAs, I would choose the more academically promising school. But the no-treats policy and the fact that there are more kids WITH FAs at the other school is so tempting.

Which would you choose? How do your kids handle birthday treats? I worry about my son being teased more in the school that allows food treats because it will be a constant reminder. And I worry about being "that parent". I can do it, but I also have the option of choosing the other school where I don't HAVE to be that parent.

Thanks for any advice. I really appreciate it!

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