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Care Plan for School

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By jenbug on Fri, 05-21-10, 17:01

My 3 1/2 has a peanut and tree nut allergy and is starting school. I am looking for a care plan for the Dr to complete. Does anyone have a good one that I can print and fax over to the Dr.
Thank you

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By hollyredding on Sat, 07-31-10, 20:46

My son's doctor gave us papers for this and helped fill them out every year.

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By dorry85 on Thu, 08-12-10, 01:11

I also received the action plan and it was completely filled out by my son's doctor. Establishing a good relationship with the school nurse is important to managing any allergy. The nurse at my son's school lives with a life threatening allergy so she is very well versed on all things allergy.

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By nmainmom on Thu, 08-26-10, 22:06

For the past three years, the school nurse gave me the forms I need to have filled out by my daughter's Dr. After the Dr. fills them out, I return them to the nurse BEFORE school starts. I'm sure your child's school has their own health forms that need to be filled out for your child. Just ask the nurse for a health/allergy history form.

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