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Birdfood/Birdseed has peanuts and/or treenuts

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By TracyC on Sun, 01-10-10, 12:03

My friend's son has a PA. At school the class made some sort of project with birdfood or birdseed. He reacted with hives on hands.

Teacher told my friend ingredients just said "almonds." Friend wondered if son had developed a TN allergy. Later found out the bird food had peanuts (and treenuts) as ingredients.

Two days later my 3 1/2 year old mentions "birdfood" while talking about school. I call the preschool and yes, he'd been playing with birdfood/birdseed at the play table, which was filled with it.

I research and look up ingredients for about 10 versions of birdfood/birdseed. All but 2 had peanuts, shelled peanuts and/or treenuts as second or third ingredients.

His preschool now knows that it is off-limits. My preschool is learning how to deal with PA/TA and other allergies as it goes, just like I am. So we all kinda shook our heads and realized there's now one more thing to be cautious about.

I just wanted to let others know about birdfood/seed - I thought I was on top of things, and I admit, I hadn't thought about birdfood at all.


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By BestAllergySites on Mon, 01-11-10, 01:07

Thanks Tracy for the info.

Birdseed is notorious for having peanuts as an ingredient. Dog food is another one.

I have a list on my site that has many items you wouldn't think of to contain peanuts. I've attached the link.


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By TracyC on Mon, 01-11-10, 11:42

Thank you Ruth -

I'm going to go check my children's vitamins and diaper cream!


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By PANewbie on Wed, 04-14-10, 04:43

My daughter went to art class at the library where the instructor tried so hard to make the pinecone birdfeeder project allergy safe.

She was aware of my daughter's allergies, and thought to use a mixture of shortening/cornmeal instead of the peanut butter, but didn't think to check the birdseed, which was loaded with peanuts.

Thankfully, they were large enough peanuts that I noticed it before my daughter started in on the project.

However, I was so glad the instructor made it a point to get down at toddler eye level and apologize to my daughter, because she knew how dissapointed she was to have to leave and not do class that day.

That at least meant a lot.

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By Juice on Fri, 04-23-10, 02:13

With regards to bird feed,

I work in a retail outlet store in Canada and deal with that kind of product on a daily basis. In 3 and a half years of working there I have never had a problem (Always made sure I dealt with the birdseed that I knew contained peanut oils and nuts in full packaging). However earlier this year I cut myself at work and forgot I had peanut oil on my hands from a previous package ( A rather greasy one!) and wiped the cut. It was a pleasant surprise to see my arm swell up like a carnival balloon. Thankfully I was able to wash it out and it was completely fine.

The kind of thing is everywhere, be especially careful of Suet. That stuff will get ya good, very greasy.

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By travelguideparis on Sat, 07-10-10, 18:56

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