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By momoffrank on Mon, 05-09-11, 17:05

I want to give Zaxby's 2 thumbs up!
I do not usually eat here.
I had not eaten here before this exp.
But I wanted to try one of there milkshakes.
My son is PA child.
So I was on the computer looking to find the closest Zaxby's to where I was going and They have a allergen look-up on their website.
It was the nicest thing I had ever seen Easy to use Easy to understand.
All you do is put in what allegen you want to look up
What food you might order And hit submit
Then it will tell ALL the menu items that have that allegen were processed in the same plant or same equipment.
I found this to be a great thing for a fast food rest. to do. Above and beyond.
I loved it!!
Go Zaxby's

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By HookwormIsHope on Tue, 05-10-11, 01:33

That's awesome! I'm so glad to see restaurants have this initiative! Definitely going to look into it.

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By PNTNMom on Mon, 11-21-11, 16:40

ZAXBY'S Chicken Processed With Tree-nuts

I wanted to comment on the Zaxby's allergen-sense web component. While it does tell you that there are no peanuts in the food, and under tree-nuts it does say that they serve macadamia nut cookies, what it doesn't tell you is that ALL of their chicken is processed on the SAME equipment as the tree-nuts.

That info is not posted ANYWHERE on their website and I actually ended up calling corporate to get that information.

So, for PA, while it's fine, there is not total disclosure on their website for people who also have tree-nut.

I just wanted it out there for people, like my son, who have both.


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