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Wendy's Chili and Frosty

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By Andres Mom on Thu, 09-09-10, 12:59

Does anyone have recent experience with Wendy's chili or Frosty? My son has peanut allergy and has eaten Wendy's burgers and fries with no problem but we are curious about the chili and Frosty. I realize the Frosty has mix-ins that may not fall within some comfort zones, but aside from that is the Frosty itself safe?


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By marisa on Thu, 09-16-10, 17:13

Hi Andres Mom, I have never had the chili but I have had frostys from Wendy's many, many times and I have never had a reaction so they are definitely safe. I have never had a problem with anything being mixed in.. never have found m&ms candies or anything like that in them. I think that the frosty comes directly out of a machine so it isn't touched by anything else when you order a plain one.

If you are still nervous, maybe just mention the PA in your order to make sure it is a plain frosty. I get them a lot because it is actually one type of "ice cream" that I can eat!

I have also had the root beer floats from Wendy's (they have them now and then) and never had a problem.

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By dinosaurs1 on Wed, 09-22-10, 17:44

My PA son eats burgers, nuggets, fries and frostys there with no problem. We also never have had any cross issues.

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By HookwormIsHope on Thu, 11-04-10, 00:34

Um, not sure...But once I went to Carl's Jr. to get a shake and was swelling up in no time..unsure if that was my soy allergy kicking in but I would watch out, there may be a connection. I know that Wendy's using a mix with their oil..it's peanut and soy (both of which I'm allergic) but I believe those are both highly refined...

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