Texas Steakhouse NOT safe

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By allerG on Mon, 10-10-11, 23:42

Some friends took me out to dinner. When I first came in, I saw a big yellow cautions sign that read "CAUTION: PEANUTS AND PEANUT DUST IN THE AIR" and I immediately started to feel sick. (It's great they warned for it, though you can't miss it once you get past the first set of doors) I shot a curious look at my friend, who was oblivious. I figured, well, so long as I stay away, I'll be fine. Then I went inside. Immediately to my left was a giant barrel of peanuts. The floor was absolutely covered in shells. I wanted to recoil in fear, horror, shock, and disgust. What happens next was totally my choice. I decided to stay. However, all I ate was a baked potato and some water.

I went in, sat down, got out my hand sanitizer and cleaned my table top area, then my hands, and drank a water. I made sure to let my friend know how pissed off I was at her for not warning me. Normally I look up the information online before, but there hadn't been time and I wasn't home to do so anyway.

I explained myself and she said, "oh I'm sorry, I forgot." I said I was pretty mad, but that I'd stick around because they were my ride home. Then the guy sitting across the table from me started to crack open some peanuts--I forgot to mention there are kid-sized pails of peanuts on the edge of every table. I was so afraid he would jokingly throw a shell at me, but he didn't, and all was fine. I was really annoyed when they kept asking me to try things, though. "Try this salad, there's no peanuts in it. Have a steak, there's no peanuts in steak." I didn't have the patience to explain about x-contam.

So yeah. Definitely not safe. My throat felt dry and scratchy the entire time. The baked potato was good, though.

ETA: Oh, forgot to mention, since brooms apparently don't exist beyond those doors, and you have to wade through a sea of peanut shells to get to the table, I had to take my shoes (and jacket) off before I walked into my house. I can't be too mad at my friend since I decided to stay, though. But I wanted to let everyone else know.

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By stefani88 on Wed, 01-11-12, 09:15

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