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By Mom2angels on Tue, 07-12-11, 13:12

Does anyone have experience eating at Smashburger, either positive or negative? My husband and I recently ate there and I asked questions to the on duty manager and it sounds okay, but I would like some positive feedback before taking the leap and trying somewhere new. Thanks!

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By Tanya Christine on Tue, 07-12-11, 13:55

My son is severly allergic to nuts/peanuts (airborne) and we have eaten there a couple of times. He loves their burgers and no reaction. We asked and they do NOT use peanut oil in their cooking.

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By Alexandra Carter on Thu, 12-08-11, 05:25

I have a question about this place, too. We just ate there tonight. My youngest, who has shown NO reactions to any foods until tonight ordered the hot dog w/fries & chocolate milk. She mostly ate the fries w/ketchup and the chocolate milk. We rarely eat out, and eat mostly simple foods that I prepare at home. She ate about 2 bites of the hot dog, so I don't think she had enough of the nitrates (which we avoid at home) to induce a reaction...

Halfway through her meal, her hands got super red and a bit swollen and were hurting her a lot. She's 4 so she couldn't describe it any better than that it hurt.

I immediately asked for allergen info and ingredients list. I only received allergen info. I asked more questions, and learned that the fries come frozen, not fresh like In-N-Out. So, my guess is an MSG reaction?

Does anyone know of any other allergens in their food? I'm mystified!


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By JenEmm on Mon, 01-16-12, 05:20

I've been to the one in Riverside Square Mall in NJ. The cashier told me he himself is allergic to peanuts and assured me everything was safe. I double checked with the manager as well. For me it was a positive experience.
I am sorry to hear about your daughters reaction Alexandra. Have you come to any conclusions?

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By JenEmm on Sun, 06-17-12, 02:54

I was at a different SmashBurger last night. They have ButterFinger and NutterButter options their shakes. I did not know this at my last visit. Perhaps cross contamination from one of these items is what caused the reaction?

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