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Rainforest Cafe

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By ElizabethY on Mon, 11-30-09, 17:12

Thumbs up. We spoke with the head chef by phone before going and were told the only peanuts/tree nuts in the restaurant are in the desserts, which are prepared in a separate area along with the salads, so stay away from desserts and salads and you're fine. At the restaurant, the waiter seemed appropriately knowledgable (used the word "cross-contamination") and sensitive to the issue, and told us basically what the head chef said. We'd go again.

The original restaurant is in the Mall of America in the Twin Cities (MN), but I've also seen them in outlet malls in IL and MI. If you go, it's a bit loud but fun.


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By BettyBoop on Fri, 11-12-10, 21:16

Anyone else eat at Rainforest Cafe

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By emw on Mon, 01-24-11, 20:19

We have eaten at the Rainforest Cafe at Mall of America. It has been a while, but I remember them saying they didn't use any peanut products. I believe even the desserts didn't use any actual peanut products in them either, but could have cross contamination issues (ice cream, etc.). But I remember letting my son order anything he wanted off the kids menu. We will likely go back again.

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