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Peanut free fast foods

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By kwhinson on Thu, 08-27-09, 02:01

What fast foods are safe for a child with a PA? My 1 1/2 year old dtr has been eating at McDonalds (chicken nuggets and fries) and has not been having any problems. We have not tried any other fast food places to eat. Also, do you recheck the labels each time you visit a fast food place even though you have eaten there before?

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By Brandon1580 on Thu, 08-27-09, 17:54

Most fast food places have their menu on-line and it tells you what oils they use and what to stay away from i am not sure where you live but my son also eats nuggets and fries from Burger King I stay away from Wendys b/c although their webite dose not say anything about peanuts it usually gives him a rash around his mouth

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By Bobbi on Fri, 08-28-09, 12:35

We do McD's, Wendy's and Arby's. We used to do BK until I recently heard that they have undeclaired possible cross=contam in their fish patties...which would of course contaminate the oil that everything else is fried in. I've still yet to check it out so we're avoiding until I get a definite answer.

We've never had a problem with Wendy's and I like that any nuts they have for salads or whatever are packaged individually.

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By cats4me on Sat, 08-29-09, 04:26

I would avoid KFC. They claim not to use peanut oil, but it may vary by location. I walked in to buy dinner for my family, and couldn't breathe by the time I walked out with my order. (I'm the only one in my family with PA.) Thankfully, a dose of Benedryl took care of it.

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By Bobbi on Sat, 08-29-09, 12:41

I forgot to mention that we avoid Subway and Chick-fil-A. Subway uses the same baking sheets for the bread that they bake their cookies on ( pb cookies ) and C-F-A uses peanut oil to fry their food. Not cool!!

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By Yael McMillan on Sat, 08-29-09, 20:59

Taco Bell is one of my son's favorite. He loves it because he can eat everything there. In-N-Out Burger is his favorite burger place and they have great fries and shakes too.

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By lalala on Wed, 09-30-09, 20:05

Our family eats at CiCi's Pizza, Taco Bell, McD's and Wendy's without issues. We usedt o eat at BK, but our local one recently started serving a breakfast sandwich with a pn warning that is made on the same grill as other products.

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By Michaels Mom on Wed, 09-30-09, 23:43

Anyone have any experience with Applebee's, Moe's, or Olive Garden?

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By diannek on Fri, 10-02-09, 02:00

Moes is one of our favorites. Of course we avoid the cookies that come with the kids meal. But my 3 yr old PA son loves it, as do the rest of the kids.

I've heard subway is phasing out the pb cookies. But we've never had a problem there. According to Maureen Jacquot, Customer Care Representative at Subway, "they are not sending them(Peanut Butter cookies) out any longer but some of the stores still have inventory so when that's gone, that will be the end of them. You probably would need to ask at the stores if they are still baking them"

I have checked into Applebees and they seem to have an 'eat at your own risk' attitude so we avoid them.

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By jenniferbfab on Wed, 10-07-09, 00:45

We do McDonald's. We don't do BK anymore because I understand the chicken crowns are cooked in the same oil as the fish sandwich (a may contains).

Jennifer B

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By mj mom on Wed, 03-31-10, 14:14

We eat (primarily) at Wendy's, but have also eaten at McDonald's. My son is picky and has a milk allergy, so we can't do the chiken nuggets at McD's. My little one has a soy allergy, and I believe Wendy's uses canola oil, so that's why we go there.

My kids both had a reaction to BK's nuggets and fries, so we avoid it. Maybe it's due to the fish--didn't know!

We used to go to Friendly's, but just had a bad experience with the soft serve--they cleaned the machines and didn't rinse them good enough. I didn't eat the ice cream right away, and by the time I noticed, the kids had eaten quite a bit of it. The cleaner taste was so strong my husbands throat and tongue went numb with just a bite. The kids were fine but we didn't really get a great response from them. And this was after a long discussion with the manager about how "GREAT" Friendly's allergen policy is.... so now we are leary...

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By mj mom on Wed, 03-31-10, 14:21

Forgot to mention that at our McD in NY the cookies in the kids' meals contain peanuts, but are labeled as such--so watch out for the cookies...!!! The packaged butter cookies....

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By bboop1975 on Sun, 04-11-10, 14:44

i took my PA daughter to mcdonalds for the first time since her diagnosis. all she had was a big mac. after about 10min she was covered in hives and itchy all over. maybe cross contamination?? won't go again

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By cmvervais on Sun, 04-11-10, 23:05

That's too bad, bboop! My daughter goes to McDonalds a couple times a week because it is one of the only restaurants I trust. She always gets the chicken nuggets and apples. I've never had a reaction ... you should call the restaurant and ask if they use or have added any nut containing ingredients... I'd be interested to know what she reacted to.

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By bboop1975 on Mon, 04-12-10, 14:55

well i did some checking and found that 30% of kids that are allergic to peanut are also allergic to sesame seeds (which are on the big mac that she ate). i will be calling the allergist about that. they also do have peanuts for the sundaes and butterfinger for the mcflurries at the one we went to so????? i will post update soon.

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By emw on Tue, 04-13-10, 01:00

We eat McDonalds and Taco Bell regularly. Occasionally we eat Burger King and KFC. Those are the only ones I trust. I have seen several Subways around here that do not have peanut butter cookies... so I am considering that.

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By hollya on Thu, 04-22-10, 16:43

So most of you are ok with Taco Bell. I called the 1-800# and they seemed to repeat what was on the website.

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By MagnificentMel on Mon, 08-02-10, 03:15

Although chic-fil-a does use peanut oil, they use a pure hot oil, not the cold pressed oil, making it alot less dangerous.

yet still, my allergy is so severe i'd rather not try. just thought i'd share that.

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By dinosaurs1 on Wed, 09-22-10, 17:49

My PA allergic son eats Wensy's, McD's, Taco Bell(cheese roll ups), BK, and Marco's Pizza. The only thing he can not eat at Marco's is the icing since it may be made in a plant.

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By jessicaNJpa on Tue, 01-11-11, 14:02

We can't go to Friendly's anymore. My DD has broken out in hives twice just SITTING in there! (and that's with me cleaning everything before she touches... it's in the air I guess.

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