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new to peanut allergy

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By proudmomoftwins on Tue, 11-22-11, 23:08

Hi, Yesterday we learned that my five year old daughter has a peanut allergy. It's very overwhelming!! I've been reading so much stuff on the internet, going crazy at times. We live in upstate NY and was just wondering about restaurants that are still safe to eat at. My daughter has been at the Texas Road House about five times and it's never been a problem. She doesn't like peanuts so she's never ate them. The Dr ruled that it wasn't a contact allery more of a problem if she ingest peanuts. Friday night she did eat a small piece of a trail mix granola bar and seconds later she complained that her tongue tingled. We now carry an epi-pen and she has one at school. I guess I'm just reaching out for any advice, tips, suggestions...etc. The Allergist really didn't go over a lot with me and at the time I just couldn't think of a lot of questions. Thank you so much!!

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By Pinotte on Wed, 03-27-13, 12:38

My answer comes years later, but here goes anyway! It might be helpful or not. If you live in upstate NY, the you are close to Montreal, and I just wanted to mention that if you ever do come to Montreal, there is a restaurant called Zero8 that caters specifically to allergic people. Zero8 means there is 0 of the top 8 allergens in the restaurant. They don't use nuts, peanuts, milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, etc. And it's really, really good, too! And once you're in Montreal (or anywhere in Quebec, for that matter), you can stock up on Ange Gardien foods (available in groceries), which are also made for allergics.

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By mj mom on Tue, 04-23-13, 01:24

We live in upstate...in outside of Syracuse...I know the only ones we go to are McDonald's and Wendy's. Even though there are peanuts at Friendly's, ours was very good about allergy awareness about four years ago....my son had almost died at the mall, and we have since stopped eating at restaurants. I know 99 steakhouse is pretty strict about allergens and great about modifying the menu, but that was just for me (and I have a TON of allergies). Good luck...it's overwhelming, but it will be ok!!

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By SherilynDDive on Mon, 06-03-13, 23:55

Zero8 is the restaurant to check out in Montreal. I've gone there with a friend whom has peanut allergies. It tastes wonderful as well!

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