McDonald's soft serve

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By zeena2 on Mon, 09-06-10, 18:34

My daughter has a peanut allergy and has always been fine eating McDonald's regular food. (I.e. chicken nuggets, fries, etc.) She has tried the vanilla ice cream cone and has had no problems nor has she had problems with any of the milkshakes. Of course I cannot guarentee this of all McDonald's.

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By ses1978 on Mon, 09-06-10, 21:50

I have asked them to not give me the nuts when I order a sundae from them and they still hand me the nuts.


I have multiple food, drug, inhaled, and contact allergies. Allergic to practically every food and every antibiotic possible. Also have mannose-binding lectin protein deficiency. Undergoing allergy shots for Timothy grass family and doing better overall. Gluten free, peanut free, mushroom free due to anaphylaxsis.

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