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By katelynl829 on Mon, 06-29-09, 18:45

My husband decided to take our 19-month-old PA daughter to McDonalds yesterday while running errands. We hadn't looked into McDonalds as being safe yet so I was highly concerned. I went on the website and I didn't see anything listed with peanuts as an ingredient, although one of their salads contains tree nuts. I was just wondering if anyone else has any info or experience with McDonalds and whether it is safe or unsafe? Thanks in advance.

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By hollya on Mon, 06-29-09, 18:51

That is really your only safe place. We have been going to Wendy's for a change, but haven't built my comfort up there like I have at McDonald's. Good luck!

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By BestAllergySites on Mon, 06-29-09, 19:39

We go to MCD ALL the time I'm embarrassed to say. There is nothing like a rainy day and letting the kids play in the play space.

Things change but to my knowledge-MCD does not use peanut oil or have items with peanuts with the exception of their sundaes (peanuts come in a sealed pack) and maybe nuts on a salad option but I believe those also come packaged up.

We've never had a reaction at MCD. The website lists ALL their ingredients pretty thoroughly-at least last time I cked it did.

Regarding Wendy's-I was told by a friend that they are actually the worst regarding food allergies. We rarely go there.

Hope that helps!

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By BeyondAPeanut on Tue, 06-30-09, 13:27

I too am embarrassed to admit the number of fast food restaurants we eat at. Prior to PA my husband and I loved small little off the wall privately owned restaurants. Since PA we have found chains tend to list their allergens making it easier. We have had hamburgers safely at MCD’s, Burger King (not their deserts), Carl’s Jr., Wendy’s and Red Robin.

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By gw_mom3 on Wed, 07-01-09, 21:44

OK I don't know how to quote on this new board but the poster above who posted about Burger King. I would be cautious. Their website lists conflicting information about peanut. On their site it does not mention the fish IRT allergies but on the downloadable ingredient info it says the fish is a may contain (I believe for peanuts and tree nuts) and everything fried with it (chicken nuggets, hash browns, cheesy tots, onion rings (which I always find in the fries there) would then be a may contain as well. It's also not listed in the allergen info on their posters that are hanging in the restaurants. I don't know which is the correct information but we just avoid it most of the time.

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By Bassball23bb on Tue, 06-30-09, 23:28

I'm allergic to peanuts/nuts and egg so one of my biggest worries when eating fast food is cross-contact with egg since almost every place uses some kind of ranch dressing or mayonnaise on their burgers and other items. Having that said, I feel quite safe when eating McDonald's because of the methods employed for making and handling food, they minimize the risk of cross-contact significantly. In the past 12 years I have had to return food once because it had a smear of mayonnaise on the bun.

As far as Wendy's is concerned, they seem to be one of the worst when it comes to cross-contact. In my more reckless days I would order their Classic Single w/Cheese without mayo. Literally 8 out of 10 times there would even be small amounts of mayo on the bun, lettuce, tomato, or it would just flat out be covered in mayo!

I believe the biggest reason this happens at Wendy's is because they use spatulas to spread their condiments like ketchup, mustard, and mayo, which makes it all to easy to spill or drip mayo on other condiments and preparation surfaces. McDonald's on the other hand uses separate dispensers for their condiments which limits the risk of spilling and cross-contact with other food items and surfaces.

I also like the fact that McDonald's package's their sundae nuts keeps McFlurry toppings secure in dispensers instead of letting them spill everywhere!

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By katelynl829 on Wed, 07-01-09, 01:40

Thanks everyone for your experiences. We hardly ever go to McDonalds, but it's nice to know that it's safe when we do decide to go.

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By gw_mom3 on Wed, 07-01-09, 21:45

Weird-my post ended up in the middle of the thread. Anyway anyone who eats at BK should be aware (see my post above).

I really don't like this board software. Probably part of the reason I rarely come here anymore.

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By vicb on Thu, 07-02-09, 02:27

You ended up in the middle because you have the option to reply to a specific comment or the entire thread. You ended up replying to the actual comment. We have made it easy to reply to the entire thread by just adding the comment block at the bottom of every thread.

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By AllisonNutFree on Fri, 07-03-09, 01:16

I'm new to this website and need some information about restaurants as well. We have food allergy children (newly diagnosed)with eggs, nuts, peanuts, and wheat. So far, everytime we have eaten out I ask for the table to be cleaned and wiped several times with a new towel. Then, I bring all of our food for them which includes easy to eat vegetables like avacado, apples, bananas, peaches, carrots and then rice or corn chex. In the past I had baked chicken, green beans and potatos for the server to heat in the microwave. The entire meal, I generally live in fear that one (still very young) will grab something off of someone elses plate or off of the floor before I can react. I'm exhausted from the stress. I have been dreaming of opening a restaurant in the area to suit all major allergens. Does anyone know of any COMPLETELY nut free restaurants? I'm in Nashville, TN. Please help!

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By Nashesmommy on Sun, 07-12-09, 00:46

Just wanted to mention that Jack in the Box and Red Robin have great allergy information handouts that they will gladly give to you if requested.

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By jenniferbfab on Mon, 07-13-09, 11:08

I have to mention that in relation to restaurants like Red Robin, while the allergy menu is great, there is variation in how the staff is trained in food allergies and cross contamination from location to location. I learned this the hard way! Don't take the allergy menu to mean that all those restaurants have staff that are adequately informed.

My PA son had a skin reaction (hives around the mouth and on cheeks) while eating a plain hamburger and celery sticks off the peanut allergy menu at Red Robin. The staff was definitely aware he has PA, and yet it seems some x-contamination happened somehow. It was very nerve-wracking waiting and watching to see if there'd be more symptoms or if the hives would spread.

Allergy menu is a good place to start; then make your own assessment about the staff that is there.

Jennifer B

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By gw_mom3 on Tue, 07-14-09, 08:49


thanks. I hit reply on that post because I was hoping it would quote it.

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By Peanuttees on Wed, 07-29-09, 19:30

Hi Everyone,
I'm new on this site but have been living with a peanut allergy for almost 2 years when my son was diagnosed. We eat at McDonald's and Wendy's all of the time and have never had a problem. My husband has been asking me to find out if Burger King is safe but I can't find good info online. Can anyone recommend any other safe restaurants?


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By jenniferbfab on Wed, 07-29-09, 19:39

Can someone back me up on this? I think that Burger King has some "may contains". I think the chicken nuggets/crowns are cooked in the same oil as the fish and the fish is a may contains. Would love to get confirmation from another member on this. I know I read this recently somewhere. We no longer consider BK on our safe list as a result. Does anyone else remember hearing about this?

Jennifer B

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By juicerx on Sun, 08-23-09, 09:48

Thanks everyone for your experiences. We hardly ever go to McDonalds, but it's nice to know that it's safe when we do decide to go.HGHwinstrolclen

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By Michaels Mom on Sun, 08-23-09, 18:41

Re: Red Robin's allergen menu- you may have reacted with the burger b/c the Red Robin seasoning that they use on almost everything, is not safe for those with PA.

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By jenniferbfab on Sun, 08-23-09, 19:03

Yes, it could be. It was supposed to be a plain, unseasoned burger, but mistakes happen.

We're not anxious to chance it again...

Jennifer B

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By Mrsdocrse on Sun, 07-04-10, 15:18

what exactly is the seasoning? If it has peanuts in it, wouldn't they know that it is not safe?

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By mreverydaythang on Tue, 06-29-10, 00:07

I have eaten at McDonald's for 20 years without a problem. I just periodically check their website for allergen listings. The only item that I've seen that has peanuts are deserts/salads, but the peanuts are in a package.

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By Mom2K on Wed, 06-30-10, 16:07

Just and FYI, since this thread is older...In June 2010 they are serving a McFlurry with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups...there are now OPEN food items with peanut butter in some restaurants...no longer just the sealed packs of nuts.

I'd go in and look around/inquire before just going through the drive through these days. This is supposed to be a limited promo.

There is a separate thread in Restuarants that might be of interest to McD's goers... please contact McD to express your concern!

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By double concerned twinsmom on Sun, 07-04-10, 01:39

We used to eat at Burger King frequently. I always double checked with a manager about changes in their menu. The manager told me their breakfast hashrounds have peanut flour in them! It helps them stick together. Due to fear of cross contamination, we have not stepped inisde a Burger King since that day. McDonalds? Fear of cross contamination from their McFlurries being splattered, handling the spoon to scoop the candy......we dont eat there either. We do eat at Wendy's, Fazolli's, Taco Bell, Arbies, most all pizza restraunts and Italian restraunts. (They use olive oil.) We used to eat at Chili's all the time, but they now have salads with PEANUT sauce. We hae eaten at Cracker Barrel, and O'Charlies (but on Sundays they serve waffles with Reeses peanut butter crumbs) We eat there at the end of the week and tell a manager about our food allergy. We have never had a problem at these restruants.

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By cervonil on Sun, 07-04-10, 16:47

double, I just checked BK's website. after the nutritional stuff for breakfast hasbrowns it lists Allergens: wheat

they list the ingredients but I coudln't copy and paste it here for some reason, but it didn't list peanut flour.

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