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Ikea and pbj sandwiches

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By smaug20000 on Tue, 06-22-10, 22:41

I was planning to go to the Ikea to look at furniture and thought about stopping at the restaurant there for lunch for macaroni and cheese. I notice though that they also serve pbj sandwiches. Has anyone eaten there? I am a bit of a newby with this, so not sure how do I approach this? Do I just ask lots of questions and have a back-up plan for lunch? Maybe I should call ahead and go over my questions on the phone first?

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By cervonil on Thu, 06-24-10, 16:55

personally I would bring lunch for the allergic person, is it your child? Would he eat something you could bring? I would worry too much about cross contamination.

If you do decide to eat there I would definitely call before going.

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By smaug20000 on Thu, 06-24-10, 19:30

Yes, I think we'll go somewhere else for lunch or pack something. I noticed pbj on the menu and got nervous.

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By Mom2K on Wed, 06-30-10, 16:10

The last time I went to IKEA (8 months ago) the PBJ was Uncrustables by Smuckers (sealed package) so I felt better that they weren't making PBJ in the kitchen. I wiped the table that we ate at and DD ate there OK, she had mac and cheese.

Things may have changed but they were pretty helpful when I asked about it. Definitely ask.

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By Gus Mommy on Fri, 07-16-10, 01:33

I take my son there a lot for lunch. And Mom2K is correct, they don't make them on site. I always make sure I scrub the table and chairs before we sit down. And they have finally started serving their softserve in cups. (At least the one in Baltimore does.) I've actually never been there while someone has eaten a PBJ. I think most get the meatballs or mac & cheese. Now, some of their desserts have almond in them. (not a concern for us) I would just pack some clorox wipes and then enjoy!!!

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By Mom2K on Fri, 08-13-10, 00:12

I just went back to Ikea last week. They had a binder with all the packaging of the foods to show the ingredient lists. I thought this was pretty good.

They still have uncrustables, but I'm OK with that. I did wipe the table down and lay down a few napkins to put the food/utensils on.

My other worry is the childcare center...smaland (sp?) I wonder if the equipment/ball pit has PB residue.

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