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Does anyone eat at Pizza Hut

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By zeena2 on Sun, 09-26-10, 12:36

Is Pizza Hut safe to eat at for someone with a Peanut Allergy? We use to eat there in the past, but they changed their online allergen info and now they state all of their ingredients could be manufactured in the same facility as peanuts. Does anyone know why they did this?

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By nmainmom on Tue, 09-28-10, 18:10

I recently read a similar post. We did eat a pizza hut from time to time a few years ago but we haven't ate Pizza Hut's pizza for years. I can't find the new allergy info on line. Can you tell me where online your found this info. I'd like to know if it is safe for PA people to eat too. Thanks!!!

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By zeena2 on Thu, 09-30-10, 23:39

Here's the link to the Pizza Hut Nutrition page. There is a pdf document link there to their allergen info. The nutrition page link can be found from the main page on pizza hut. It is down at the bottom in small print.


Upon looking at their pdf allergen page, it appears that only one item (chocolate dunkers) may contain peanuts. But if you look at the top of the column, next to the word peanut and tree nuts there is an asteriks *. At the very bottom of the page it designates the asteriks as meaning - *=Peanuts and tree nuts are not used in Pizza Hut restaurants. May be used in common manufacturing plants.

So does that mean everything might contain peanuts?

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By nmainmom on Fri, 10-01-10, 01:26

Wow, I get why you are questioning now. I'm not sure either. I will have to call the 800 # sometime next week when I have time to really ask them to clarify it. Thanks for that post!!!! (good thing we haven't ate at pizza hut for a few years....don't want to chance it!)

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