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Chinese Restaurant

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By zeena2 on Thu, 09-30-10, 02:41

Does anyone know of any safe chinese restaurants? We never eat at Chinese restaurants because of my daughter's peanut allergy. I am wondering though, if there are any chain type Chinese restaurants that are safe for someone to eat at with a peanut allergy.

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By ses1978 on Fri, 10-01-10, 04:11

I don't know of any. Peanut oil usually runs cheaper for Chinese restaurants, so it is likely that most will pose a hazard. However, have you considered trying Hamburger Helper Asian Rice Helper. I'm not 100 percent sure about risk of peanut exposure, even if not them then homemade is probably the best option.

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By zeena2 on Fri, 10-01-10, 11:10

I think you're probably right about homemade being the best option. Thanks!

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By ses1978 on Fri, 10-01-10, 13:48

No problem. I have found with all the food allergies I tend to have that homemade is great because you control what goes into it and it's a lot healthier too!

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