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By PocketRebel on Sat, 08-08-09, 04:14

Thought I'd tell you about a good experience I had recently while traveling with my PA 6-year-old son.

Nothing too important, but places that show concern and are proactive should get recognition.

Was traveling to Marquette, MI. Stopped at a Chili's in, I believe, Sheboygan. Someplace right off the highway.

Anyway, told the server that my son had the PA. She told the chef and the manager. The manager came out with a big book of the most common allergies and which foods would be safe for those suffering from them.

We went over the book, discussed what my son would be ordering. Even talked about what we (dad, mom, grandma) would be ordering and checked.

It was nice, and all too rare to have this kind of experience.

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By BestAllergySites on Sat, 08-08-09, 21:13


Great story and thanks for sharing! Glad you were able to have a great experience.

I think it's worth pointing out that many chain restaurants now have such a binder b/c 1. they are recognizing food allergies and their liability more and more and 2. b/c they are chain restaurants and pretty much have the same meals each day at each location so it is easy to have a binder.

When visiting a chain you might want to ask if they have such a binder with their ingredients etc. It still helps to let the server know of your allergies and remind them of cross contamination so they don't use the same cooking pan.

Thanks again for sharing!

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By TracyC on Mon, 12-28-09, 22:15

Ate at Chili's in MA a couple nights ago and they informed me that they would be switching over to peanut oil when frying their nachos, french fries etc.

We used to be able to eat the fries and nacho chips, so double check. Not sure if this is just in MA or just at the Chili's we went to, or all over.

They did have nice print outs on allergies and which foods were safe to eat.

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By double concerned twinsmom on Wed, 07-07-10, 20:08

We used to eat at Chili's frequently, but were recently informed that one of their new Asian salads has a peanut sauce. Very disappointing. Chili's was one of the few sit-down restaurants we've been capable of going to. (We also spoke to the manager, who informed us that the sauce is in a squeeze-bottle, and affirmed that they cannot entirely control any x-contamination.

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By cervonil on Wed, 07-07-10, 21:04

I sent Chili's an e-mail stating we could not eat there anymore. I figure the more e-mails/calls they get they might change their menu items.

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By double concerned twinsmom on Wed, 07-07-10, 23:10

That is a good idea. I have not done that. Many years ago when Nabisco came out with peanut butter cream filled oreos, "we" all called Nabisco and had our friends and families call and beg them to keep regular and double stuff oreos safe. I called and a representative said, "We hear you...we hear you. More than 100,000 people have called to ask Nabisco not to make oreos on the same production lines as the peanut butter cream cookies!" They kept the lines seperate.

I was so disappointed when I saw Chili's new menus. They were already printed and the restraunts were serving the salads with peanut sauce before I even knew it was happening.

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By jenluth on Wed, 07-14-10, 18:45

I have also read on their website that they put peanut butter in their chili to thicken it. We won't eat their for that reason alone, I just think the risk of contamination is too great.

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By cervonil on Wed, 07-14-10, 21:32

I didn't even know they made Chili! Ya know I just realized my DH brought home nacho's the other night from a restaurant and it had a beef mixture. He is the only one who ate it but I never thought it might have PB to thicken! Thanks for the reminder!

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