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By zeena2 on Sat, 09-11-10, 04:15

Does anyone eat at Arby's who has a peanut allergy? My daughter has a severe peanut allergy and we have recently ate there without any problems. I was just wondering about their shakes? Anyone tried them without any problems?

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By dorry85 on Sat, 09-11-10, 21:40

You may want to call the Arby's in your area. The one in our area tells me that they do not have separate preparation areas and they make the chicken pecan salad on the same area that regular sandwiches are made. Arby's also has a really good Nutritional/Allergen Guide on their website that may help in your decision to eat there.

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By ses1978 on Sat, 09-11-10, 22:51

Most of them will have a sign posted about the allergens used in their restaurants. My local ones do. But that is a good question.


I have multiple food, drug, inhaled, and contact allergies. Allergic to practically every food and every antibiotic possible. Also have mannose-binding lectin protein deficiency. Undergoing allergy shots for Timothy grass family and doing better overall. Gluten free, peanut free, mushroom free due to anaphylaxsis.

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By dinosaurs1 on Wed, 09-22-10, 17:46

Really! I just assumed this was not a safe place for PA allergy. I will have to check out the website.

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