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By elissag on Mon, 03-01-10, 20:21

Does anybody use store-bought sprinkles, frosting, etc.? I have made my own frosting many times, but some other decor would be fun...

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By Michaels Mom on Tue, 03-02-10, 02:22

I use cake mate (also sold under the brands signature and rainbow) sprinkles and colored sugars. I have called on them and they do label if necessary. The have little mini jelly bean type decors that are NOT safe, but everything else is. I don't trust Wilton, and I think they label everything as a "may contains" now, anyway. As for frosting I've used Betty Crocker and Pillsbury after reading the label. I'm actually very excited to try Pillsbury's new "Easy Frost" ( i think that's the name). It's in a can with a nozzel. You can use it to frost one cupcake and then wash the nozzel and store it in the pantry. If it's any good, it will solve that frosting a single cupcake dilema!

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By cmvervais on Fri, 03-12-10, 23:17

I have used Cake Mate sprinkles with no problem. I called them today, and they were very clear that if their product was made on the same line as a nut product it would be labeled as a May Contain.

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