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Mole Sauce

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By angelm on Tue, 08-04-09, 16:19

I have always been a fan of Mexican cooking and restaurants. My two PA sons have not and I rarely take them (except for the occasional Taco Bell where they only get the tacos). Anyway, while watching a show on Mexican cooking, I saw a recipe for mole sauce. The first ingredient in the pot was PEANUTS! I know I have had the sauce in the past and also that it had dark chocolate in it, but peanuts? I have been searching the web for additional recipes and some use peanuts or nuts and some do not. I just wanted to let everyone know this. Most Mexican restaurants are non chains and are independently owned, so sauce recipes will differ. Anyone else have any input on this subject? Thanks!

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By BestAllergySites on Tue, 08-04-09, 16:52

Yes, mole sauce does have peanuts so everyone should be careful.

I have been using sunbutter (sunflower seed butter) as a peanut substitute with great success.

If you want to try making your own mole sauce you could try one of the peanut butter substitutes like sunbutter.

I myself would not get mole sauce out in a restaurant b/c of the possibility of peanuts. I wouldn't feel comfortable knowing there are versions that are made with peanuts and that the wait staff or restaurant staff might give me the wrong information. Many chain restaurants don't make their own sauce but have it brought in in big jugs.

FYI-we stay away from Mexican period-unless they have plain cheese quesadillas..and we make sure it's cooked in a new pan. We also stay away from asian restaurants. Sometime we get Indian..but it depends on the dish and restaurant.

Our comfort levels are all different! :)

Hope that helps!

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By angelm on Tue, 08-04-09, 17:33

Thanks for the input! We also stay away from Mexican and Asian cooking for the boys. It really gets harder as they are getting older and wanting to try new foods! The basic recipes from a few local places is all I feel comfortable with and I still double check every time we order take out.

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By sidni on Tue, 02-02-10, 18:55

This can be made with several other substitutes/alternatives. I remember watching an old friend of mine's mother making hers with ground pepitas (pumpkin seeds). I have also heard of it done with sesame seeds, as well as almonds if these are not a problem for you. Sunbutter could likely be used as well; peabutter or soynut butter will get a wonky texture. :)

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By BeyondAPeanut on Thu, 02-04-10, 22:02

We eat Mexican food frequently. We enjoy it because our children feel like they have choices. (Burrito, quesadilla, tacos, taquitos...)We live in Colorado and for the most part there is not a lot of mole on the menus and everything is cooked with vegetable oil. We did come across one restaurant when on vacation in San Diego that used peanut butter in their mole and enchilada sauce. Needless to say we didn't stay. Everyone's comfort zone is different and the authenticity of the dishes may vary geographically.

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