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Blue Diamond Almond Butter

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By HookwormIsHope on Sun, 10-17-10, 05:10

Blue Diamond almond butter is a good alternative to peanut butter; it's made in a facility that does NOT process peanuts and is 100% peanut free...Also Nutella. It isn't really a lot like peanut or almond butter cause it's like chocolate but is great for sandwhiches, lunches. It's made with Hazelnuts.

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By zeena2 on Mon, 10-18-10, 01:28

We haven't tried blue diamond almond butter yet, but we've been thinking about it. Does it taste pretty good?

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By HookwormIsHope on Mon, 10-18-10, 02:32

Yeah it tastes okay...My mom and brother said that it has more or less the same texture as PB, so I guess it would be a successful substitute, it's good for lunches.I was extremely excited to get it. Mainly because I'm 12 years old and have never made a PB&J, so it was kind of like I was making one for the first time, haha. But, yes, it tastes fairly good...Hope you try it!

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