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Skeeter Snacks makes Tree Nut and Peanut Free Snacks!

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By kxc011 on Wed, 07-25-12, 16:43

I just found this great company called Skeeter Snacks, they make 100% Peanut/Tree nut free snacks. I tried their cookies and they tasted great! They are inexpensive too @ 3.99 for a tray of 12. They taste way better than enjoy life and the cookies are twice as big. You can order on their website at www.skeetersnacks.com. I contacted them and they said they plan to be in some Walmarts soon and Costcos in the northeast by September!

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By westportmom1 on Mon, 08-13-12, 18:53

Yes, this is a local company and we've now learned that Skeeter Snacks have landed in all Costco stores in the Northeast. They are actually in the stores now. I would def encourage everyone to check them out.. These cookies taste great for all and completely nut-free from a nut-free factory..

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