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Safe Parks?

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By jennifersargent on Wed, 02-16-11, 00:41

Anyone have a food free park in their community? I am going to meet with our local park board to ask for one. I have a local neighborhood park within view of our home and would like to be able to use it.. When we do go it has to be early morning or night - cool enough- my son has to wear long sleeves and gloves for protection. The park has a covered eating area so scared that peanut oil could be left on play equipment. No sinks or bathrooms to wash hands....

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By HookwormIsHope on Wed, 05-11-11, 17:14

I've had this problem before. When I went to the park, I would actually wipe down the area of play equipment being used. So sad that it's so hard for PA kids to just go and play at the park like everyone else :(

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