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Arnold Bread

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By jhubicki on Thu, 07-07-11, 02:21

I just wanted to let everyone know I called Arnold bread today regarding their Health Full Whole Wheat bread it does not say anywhere on the packaging that it is contains peanuts or tree nuts or that is is made in a facility with them. When I called I was advised that they are made on the same lines as other products that may contain peanuts/tree nuts. They do not label this because the do clean the machines between runs. I will not be using it any longer just because I don't want to take that chance. I just wanted to let everyone else know too..

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By acslobod on Sat, 09-17-11, 05:45

Thanks for contacting them! They have since updated some of their labels (maybe thanks to you!). We have bought their breads blindly for a long time assuming they were safe. I think the bread we are now buying is Country Hearth.

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