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Allergies at School - Book

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By PeanutFreeZone on Fri, 08-10-12, 16:17

When your child has a life-threatening food allergy, getting prepared for their first day of school can be very stressful. Searching the internet and trying to know what topics need to be covered, can leave any parent feeling overwhelmed.

Allergies at School is a valuable resource that informs you of important questions to ask. It’s a simple and straightforward guide to help increase your child’s safety at school. There are checklists of key points to easily reference, helpful resources to share, and relevant stories to discuss with the team members.

Whether your child is starting kindergarten or entering a new school, Allergies at School will help you prepare for your child's first day. This is also an excellent resource for teachers, nurses, principals and other school staff.

Topics include: Getting Prepared, The Team Meeting, The School Nurse, Playgrounds and Recess, Field Trips, The Cafeteria, Using School Transportation, Talking to Teachers, Helping Your Child Prepare, Food Allergies in the News, and Resources.

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Allergies at School - Ways to increase the safety and awareness of life-threatening food allergies at school by Stacey Stratton

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