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After discovering our 5 year old daughter was allergic to wheat, milk, egg, peanut, and many other things, we created a product called "Allergy Letters In A Box". These are a series of pre-written letters to everybody who may work with your child and their food allergies at their school, as well as several written for others outside of their school.

We would like to build some testimonials about the product before we conduct a large scale Internet Launch. We are looking for 20 people to send the product to in exchange for a testimonial about the letters. This is a $197 value that we are giving away to the first 20 people to send an email to

Once the 20 are gone, we will be closing the offer. Again, email if you would like to receive a free copy of the letters. Jon

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By Felica Goding on Sun, 07-17-11, 00:44

Hi - new to the site - looking around and found your post.

How did your launch go? That is a product that I'd be interested in taking a peak at.



#1 Son: Peanut/Egg/Dog Allergic w/ Eczema and Asthma
#2 Son: No allergies that we know off.

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