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Claims to be peaunt free but is not- what should I do?

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By karimcmurtrie on Thu, 04-01-10, 01:03

I took my 2yr old Peanut allergic daughter to a place in wheaton, IL called Kids Town. It is a indoor play area for children and they claim in the rules on their website and inside that "we do not allow peanut products on the premise." I witnessed a handful or more kids eating peanut butter and could smell it in the air. I also noticed that they sold snicker bars and other peanut products. I confronted staff and they did nothing but say I'm sorry. I saw children eating peanut butter wipe there hands on their shirt and go play with the toys. I don't want to shut them down but I do want them to either enforce their rules or remove that statement from the rules. I was not the only mom there that had the same concern that day. I guess I don't know who I should contact about this situation. Any advice would be appreciated.

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By BestAllergySites on Thu, 04-01-10, 17:22

Sorry you had to experience that situation. I find it frustrating when a place puts a notice up and people ignore it whether is is peanut free or food free.

If it were me, I would start by finding out who the owner is and writing a very firm letter. I would state that their websites claims to not allow peanut products but that you witnessed several people with peanut products and that the staff did nothing about it.

I would also state that you went there because you perceived it as a safe place for your child when it wasn't and that they should either enforce their rules or change their rules.

I'd end it by stating that they should consider the situation they are putting themselves in liability wise by not enforcing the rules.

Keep in mind that odds are, they won't enforce the rules but will probably change them. There is no way they can keep track of all people and make sure noone brings peanut products in. And by them selling peanut containing products just shows you how clueless they are.

I would play at another playspace if I were you.

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By cmvervais on Thu, 04-01-10, 21:17

I would definitely address it with the manager of the facility. They should remove that statement if they aren't going to enforce the rule. (I probably would assume that's what will happen.) But they should be made aware that it ENDANGERS children to claim it is a peanut-free facility, but then not follow that rule.

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By karimcmurtrie on Thu, 04-01-10, 21:57

Thank you for responding! I did write an email to them from their website with all those points addressed. I asked for them to contact me back letting me know what they plan to do to address the problem. I highly doubt that I will get a response or that they will do any changes. It was family owned and I am fine with never going back. I just wish there was a state or city something that could force them to remove the rule if they don't plan on enforcing it. I would just hate to see something happen to an innocent allergic child.

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By cervonil on Fri, 06-25-10, 19:05

this is awful. Did you ever hear back from them? I mean their intentions were good, but they need to take that sign down!

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By karimcmurtrie on Sat, 06-26-10, 01:59

I never did hear back from them but have a friend who has no children with allergies who went there a few weeks after I sent the letter. She called me to say that they told her the rules about not bringing peanut products in and checked her bag. They also were no longer selling peanut items such as snicker bars and M&M's. So I decided to go there with her a few weeks later. The owner was telling me about there rules and asked about the lunch I brought. I informed him that I was the one who wrote the email to him and he apoligized and said they are now enforcing it. He also said I was not the only person to complain about it. So I am glad I wrote the letter!

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By cervonil on Sat, 06-26-10, 07:34

well that is wonderful! But I don't understand why they wouldn't have replied back to you. Good for you Mama!!

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By HookwormIsHope on Sat, 10-16-10, 22:42

I'm so sorry about that, that would be so dissapointing to try to take your child somewhere that claims to be safe for them and have it be as deadly as anywhere else.

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By Jennifer-is-always-sick on Sat, 11-06-10, 22:26

That is outrageous! Ugh! I hate that. My local gym doesn't allow food in the family workout room. They post signs and everything, even bringing up food allergies on the signs, and people just ignore it and stick their kids in there with any old food item to munch on. It's infuriating. I've even talked to parents about it. They'll take the food away, but the next time they show up, they let their kid back in with food. Kinda makes you want to punch somebody.

I would definitely contact the owner. That's blatant false advertising at its worst! Deadly, in this case. What a load. Ugh! I'm so angry.

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