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Parents Want Child With Peanut Allergies Removed from Florida Public School

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By Jennifer-is-always-sick on Thu, 03-24-11, 23:39

You all have probably heard about this and voiced your opinions elsewhere, but I wanted to bring this to your attention in case you have not.

School policy changes were made at a Florida elementary school to protect the life of a 1st grader in attendance who has a severe peanut allergy...so severe that residue or airborn dust could kill her.

Parents of other children at the school protested outside with picket signs...protesting the new rules saying that they are too rigid, strict, and cut into educational time.




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By Hrg2 on Sun, 04-03-11, 06:52

The protest was a great show of freedom of speech. No one was physically hurt, the parents got there say and everyone but one family is happy. It even worked, the parents of the little PA girl pulled her out of school because they felt threatened.
I believe that the rules were a a bit over the top but there you go. I could not care less about one family in Florida.

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By CurvyCaramelQT on Mon, 04-18-11, 18:14

Every1 of us count and deserve the same free education as the next person. I can't believe that people are more worried about inconvenience than the life of a child. 1 life is worth any amount of inconvenience! Wow, I can't believe this is what humanity has come to...

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