Did you read Dr. Wood's Essay "Food Allergies Are Nothing to Laugh About"?

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By jenniferbfab on Wed, 01-21-09, 04:22

Jenny of the Nut Free Mom Blog pointed out the excellent essay in the LA Times from Dr. Robert A. Wood entitled Food Allergies Are Nothing to Laugh About. I am not sure if someone already gave a link to it here, but just in case, I thought I'd post it: Food Allergies Are Nothing to Laugh About

I think it should be required reading for all those who found confirmation of their beliefs in Christaskis' and Stein's recent statements or who were persuaded by them.

Jennifer B
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By JaneBecker on Wed, 06-25-14, 19:29

I used to have food allergies when I was still in grade school. My mom have consulted this to our specialist and since then, I was restricted from certain kind of foods. I actually have written an article about this and I also share it on custom essays online service providers.

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By LeslieR on Wed, 01-29-14, 11:15

Dr. Wood is right. Food allergies are not a joke, they are a serious health condition.



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By Altas on Fri, 03-14-14, 11:58

It was very well authored and easy to understand. Unlike additional blogs :)
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By Shaelyn May on Thu, 06-26-14, 14:20

I've read Dr. Wood's essay and I agree with him that food allergies should be taken seriously. The hives, swelling and severe breathing difficulty are frightening and dangerous. Some reactions can be fatal too.

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