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What bread does everyone get?

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By katelynl829 on Sun, 05-24-09, 17:15

Ok, here's another question: what brand of bread does everyone buy? I normally get brownberry and so far my daughter hasn't had a problem. However, they do make different kinds of bread with nuts in them. The more I learn about cross-contamination the more I am freaking out!

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By BestAllergySites on Sun, 05-24-09, 19:56

Hi katelynl829-can you believe I had to go and find the bread in the pantry to tell you exactly what we buy?

I live in Massachusetts so breads and brands may vary, but I buy Barowsky's Whole Grain Organic Wheat.

I buy this bread because peanuts and nuts are not listed in the ingredients and there is a warning statement in bold that says "Contains wheat, soybeans. Produced in a facility that uses egg and milk products."

While I have not called the manufacturer, I personally assume that if nuts were an issue it would also be listed in the warning statement.

We have also not had a problem with this bread. I should mention my son is egg allergic-but not in such small amounts-so the egg warning does not worry us.

I personally would not buy a brand of bread that also carried a nut version due to the nature of bread dough, unless the nut version was made in a separate area or on a separate line.

Hope that helps!

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By jenniferbfab on Thu, 05-28-09, 01:41

Good question. Barowsky's is made by Lepage Bakeries in Maine. They also make Country Kitchen, which is the brand we buy. I have called Lepage a few times over the last few years and always have been told they do not use any nuts or peanuts in anything. They do use soybeans, BTW.

Jennifer B

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By Bassball23bb on Sat, 05-30-09, 03:31

Hi everyone!

There is a new buttermilk-style white bread on the market called 'Nature's Pride.' There is no peanut/tree-nut or egg warning on the label. After contacting the manufacturer I was told that the buttermilk bread is made in a nut-free facility. Furthermore I learned that all of their breads that have '75' by the sell by date indicates it was manufactured in a nut free facility.

I hope this helps. I have waited a long time for a good tasting white bread to come along that is nut free.

Also, Sarah Lee breads are seemingly safe.

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By katelynl829 on Tue, 06-30-09, 15:17

They just started stocking Nature's Pride at my local store. We called and found out that if the number on the bottom starts with "55" that it was made in a nut free facility. They also gave us a bunch of coupons for free loaves just for calling.

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By mamabearserenity on Tue, 01-05-10, 20:38

Katelyn829, Is Nature's Pride by Interstate Brands? If so, you have to check the codes by calling each time you buy one of their products. They have told me several times over the years that their "nut-free" facilities could change at any time and become a nut-producing bakery. This would happen without warning as they say they do not label for cross-contamination (leaving consumers to read codes and call).

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By mamabearserenity on Tue, 01-05-10, 20:40

Bassball23bb, Is Nature's Pride by Interstate Brands? If so, you have to check the codes by calling each time you buy one of their products. They have told me several times over the years that their "nut-free" facilities could change at any time and become a nut-producing bakery. This would happen without warning as they say they do not label for cross-contamination (leaving consumers to read codes and call).

However, Sara Lee does label for cross-contamination.

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By mkate on Thu, 06-18-09, 06:14

Jennifer, I was just checking the Country Kitchen website trying to find a safe bread my parents can have on hand for when we visit, and I saw that they have a "Whole Grain Oat Nut Bread." I am going to email with regard to their regular whole wheat bread, but I thought I'd mention it here in case it is something new you were't aware of.

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By jenniferbfab on Thu, 06-18-09, 13:23

Ack! Oat Nut does not sound nut-free. They have referred to soy as soy nuts when I have called. Hopefully, that is the "nut" they are referring to...PLEASE come back and share what you learn on this.

Isn't it tough to keep up with this stuff? Thomas' English Muffins were safe for the longest time, nut-free/peanut-free facility, and then they suddenly switched without warning. I hope that is not the case with Country Kitchen!

Thanks for this info and keep us posted!

EDITED to add that I have left a message as well with the "one person" at LePage Bakeries who is responsible for ingredient info. She is on leave till Monday, June 22. Hopefully, we can get some clarification on this. So glad you pointed this out!

Jennifer B

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By mkate on Mon, 06-22-09, 16:20

I just got a reply from the Chairman of LePage Bakeries, Albert LePage, and all he said was thank you for your inquiry, our bakeries do not process any tree nuts. He didn't say what was in the Oat Nut bread and I'm slightly concerned that he specified "tree nuts" but didn't say anything about peanuts (though in my original email I just said "nuts" without specifying.

Anyway,I hope you get a more thorough answer, Jennifer.


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By jordnoedder on Fri, 06-19-09, 18:36

i bake my own. that way i am certain that we don't get any cross contamination and it seems one of the few ways I can get an organic peanut free option.

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By LDR on Wed, 06-24-09, 22:39

We use Homepride wheat bread and Arnold wheat bread. Not the best tasting breads compared to some gourmet or organic brands, but when I called (now many years ago--maybe 7 yrs?), I was comfortable with the company's response. Any of the breads that otherwise look good to me seems to have lots of nuts and seeds, so unfortunatley we stick with the higly processed product. I also recall someone on this list recommending a bread that had the word Vermont in it.

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By jenniferbfab on Thu, 06-25-09, 01:09

I haven't gotten an answer from LePage, so I am going to call them again tomorrow (Thursday). Arnold is not in my comfort zone anymore, it is made by George Weston bakeries. Last I heard, "Because of the potential of cross-contamination with peanuts and tree nuts at some plants, and the possibility of manufacturing changes and production rearrangement, the decision was made to change the allergen statement for all George Weston products to state that there are peanuts and tree nuts present in the manufacturing facilities." (I am quoting myself there.) There is more about my conversation with George Weston Bakeries here: http://tiny.cc/h6pcG

Jennifer B

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By kbbethstar on Tue, 06-30-09, 12:04

Martin's potato bread!
I received a letter from them stating
"Thank you for contacting Martin's Famous Pastry Shoppe. Our facility is free from peanuts, tree nuts, and eggs. Martin's Bread and Rolls are safe to feed to anyone with allergies to these items. Feel free to contact me if you have additional questions or problems."
Lisa Myers
Consumer Relations
Martin's Famous Pastry Shoppe, Inc.
[email protected]

They make sliced bread, hoagie rolls, hot dog buns, hamburger buns, and mini dinner rolls. I live on eastern long island and they are available everywhere here- walmart, B.J.'s, and regular grocery stores. They are made in PA. I know it's not a whole wheat "crunchy" bread, but it's so nice having a safe commercial alternative for my 3 year old grilled cheese lover!

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By g3ryphon on Thu, 04-09-15, 15:49

I am beyond thrilled to hear this! I love Martin's everything and the bread is so yummy, and they do make a whole wheat sliced bread. Potato bread is actually better for you in some cases. Thanks for this info, so psyched. My son can have his first burger now!

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By kaiam on Mon, 08-17-09, 04:39

We have used Peppridge Farms - Natural -100% whole wheat. We also use their mini bagels and buns. There is a warning about processed on equipment with sesame seeds, but that is okay for us. I haven't called them in a few years, so you may want to do that. But for us, this has been fine. It doesn't contain soy flour for those with soy allergy.

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By jenniferbfab on Mon, 08-17-09, 14:07

I finally followed up on Country Kitchen/Barowsky's and called again today. The purchasing person (go-to person for ingredients) says they use no nuts or peanuts at LePage Bakeries.

Hope this info helps! Lots of good info in this thread!

Jennifer B

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By NoNuts4Her on Mon, 11-02-09, 22:32

What flour do you use? I just found out my daughter has a peanut allergy (we will be taking her to be tested this week to see what other things she is allergic to). I would like to bake bread for her, but am concerned about the flour.


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By mamabearserenity on Tue, 01-05-10, 20:42

We use Sara Lee sliced bread (they even have varieties of Rye now), rolls, garlic bread and bagels. They label for cross-contamination.

We also use King's Hawaiian rolls as they label for cross-contamination. They have also come out with a sandwich bun type bread.

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By DRobbins on Sun, 03-21-10, 15:03

We use Martin's Famous Pastry Shoppe's breads and rolls, too. Their products are all really delicious. Their whole wheat potato bread tastes so much like a slightly sweeter white bread that my kids really love it.

It looks like a little regional brand from Pennsylvania, but we find it all over the place in Massachusetts.

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By carol1222 on Sat, 06-02-12, 00:26

If you live on Long Island, NY the best place for freshly baked breads is Carmine's Brightwaters Village Bakery. It is located in the village of Brightwaters, Long Island, New York and is completely NUT FREE!! Also, cakes, cookies, brownies, muffins...etc. Here is the website:
phone 631-968-2808

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By karaboo123 on Tue, 06-12-12, 01:41

I buy Dempster's 12 Grain bread(not their buns because there's a warning label for sesame seeds) normally or make my own :)I hope you outgrow your allergy sometime! God bless<3
Myself-anaphylatic to peanuts, all treenuts including sesame seeds and coconut,all seafood,tomatoes, potatoes, bananas, kiwis, dragonfruit, strawberries, oranges, avocados, mangoes,watermelon and mustard.
Allergic to grapes,raspberries,blueberries,blackberries and cats. I also have a latex sensitivity and environmental allergies.
Mom-allergic to crab and shrimp.
Brother-outgrew environmental allergies
Dad-outgrew strawberry allergy.

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By Lifeissooogoood on Wed, 06-20-12, 12:34

I aM new to all this. I found out this week that my daughter (16 months old) was anaphylatic to peanuts. At the moment it all seems very overwhelming! I'm sure I will eventually reach a 'routine', but at the moment I'm unsure what to bring home from the grocery store. I do not want anything from a plant which processes nuts in the house and am frustrated why it doesn't have to be listed!?!?
I bought Thomas whole grain English muffins yesterday. But I read in an older post here that they are not safe anymore? Someone said Arnold was but that is confusing because they make an oat but bread? I am heading to Whole Foods later this afternoon. Hopefully to find something safe to bring home for her....
ANY suggestions on breads, brands, foods, would be GREATLY appreciated since I'm new to this lifestyle change.

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By dogsocks on Fri, 08-03-12, 20:27

We buy Alvarado Street Bakery breads and bagels. The package clearly states that the bread is made in a peanut-free facility. I've seen it for sale at Stop and Shop, Whole Foods, and most natural food stores.


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By dogsocks on Fri, 08-03-12, 20:36

I Bake a lot for my son since bakeries are out of the question. I use King Arthur Brand flours:

7/22/2012 - I had an online chat with King Arthur Flour about their all purpose flour: "it is peanut and tree nut free, milled on dedicated lines."

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By Bassball23bb on Fri, 08-17-12, 06:51

To my knowledge, most if not all of Nature's Pride breads are baked in a facility that does not use peanut, tree nuts or egg.

If you call the toll-free number on the back of the packaging Interstate bakeries will provide you very specific, detailed allergen information.

P.S. Their bread is really good too!

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By Nalativa on Sat, 10-20-12, 22:14

In case anyone still cares, we use Country Hearth split top wheat and multigrain varieties. They do not seem to have any cross-contamination; the only allergy warning on the package is wheat. My brother has severe peanut, tree nut and egg allergies and he is fine.

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By Saralinda on Sun, 10-28-12, 05:06

We buy a variety of breads from the Orowheat outlet near our home. I also have millet and flaxseed allergies as well as peanuts, and all tree nuts except walnuts. I also sometimes react to soy. No matter what bread we buy, we check labels very carefully.

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