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Peanut Free Cupcakes...at Wal-Mart bakery!

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By Teebst on Fri, 08-12-11, 19:05

Has anyone had any experiences with the peanut free cupcakes mentioned in this article? If so, at what locations are they available?


This might make a good safe snack for birthdays at school!

*Update: Yes! I looked in the bakery section at my local Wal-Mart and sure enough....cute little freshly baked cupcakes with a big peanut-free symbol, just like the one in the picture. I bought them and have frozen them to take to my daughter's school for birthday parties!!!

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By cervonil on Tue, 08-30-11, 14:09

I am going to look for these. Our local grocery store has cupcakes made from Freed's bakery - they are also nut free. I thought they were gross, but my 5 yo son likes them.

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By Busymomof3 on Fri, 09-09-11, 20:34

Beware! The chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting are not safe. All the other flavors are good. I'm talking about the mini cupcakes.

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By cervonil on Fri, 09-09-11, 21:45

yes, you have to check each label. I thought I also saw a red velvet mini cupcake that was also not safe. WE got the vanilla with white frosting and chocolate chips and everyone but my PA son loved them! Go figure. they actually taste like a real cupcake.

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