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Sunflower Seeds

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By ang153555 on Mon, 12-28-09, 20:54


Writing to see how everyone here feels about sunflower seeds. I've eaten potato chips containing sunflower oil and always been fine. But being allergic to peanut and tree nuts for half my life has made me nervous about certain beans and seeds.. I really wanted to try the brand Enjoy Life's snack bars that have sunflower seeds but I thought I'd check to see if anyone knows.. If you can tolerate sunflower oil can you tolerate the seeds themselves? Has anyone ever had a reaction to sunflower seeds or been told to stay away from them?


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By BeyondAPeanut on Mon, 12-28-09, 23:37

I understand your concern. We use caution but to date have had no problems. We have used a variety of seeds and seed oils with no reactions (sunflower, pumpkin, poppy, and sesame)I would check with your physician for confirmation. Oils can be processed differently (i.e. hot or cold pressed) which can effect potency of allergens.

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By ang153555 on Tue, 12-29-09, 02:06

I have eaten poppy and sesame seeds my whole life without problems, just never sunflower or pumpkin. Thanks for the info!

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By BestAllergySites on Fri, 01-01-10, 21:46

I too understand your concern but want to stress that you should be very careful about avoiding foods without reason.

Many people who are allergic to peanuts are NOT allergic to any other legumes.

I think it's important for allergic individuals to only avoid foods they are allergic to or that have a risk of cross contamination--for health sake physically and mentally.

If you've had mild symptoms to sunflower seeds-then I would avoid. But if you've had no reactions then I would go ahead and try them. If you are really nervous--I would keep your epi pen on hand.

It's a tough and scary thing--but you also have to balance your quality of life. No one is allergic to every single thing. Trying the enjoy life products is a great idea as they will/are safe cross contamination wise.

Let us know what you decide!

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By mamabearserenity on Tue, 01-05-10, 19:47

Some sunflower seeds are soaked in peanut oil. In addition, they may contain traces if made in a nut facility. My husband eats the David Sunflower seeds but reads each label.

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By ritpet on Sun, 03-28-10, 02:06

Sunflower seed are very popular in our area and amongst my husbands family. We plan to keep our PA daughter away from them since the varies in our area say on them 'may contain traces of peanut'. Make sure you read the labels.

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By smaug20000 on Wed, 06-23-10, 18:11

You could get allergy tested to see if you react in a blood test or do a challenge at the drs office as well. And I also agree about reading the labels.

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By Krsavitza2 on Fri, 02-11-11, 23:31

There is a brand at Walgreens called Deerfield Farms that states on the back that it is produced in a peanut-free environment. The ingredients are sunflower seeds, sunflower oil, salt. They have them as kernels, and in shell.

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By B.M.18 on Wed, 10-22-14, 05:00

I have had a life threatening allergy to peanuts/tree nuts my entire life, but I have never had any trouble with sunflower seeds. But the only seeds I have ever had were DAVIDS sunflower seeds, they are all produced in a nut free factory because thats all the brands makes, is sunflower seeds, not nuts! I really enjoy them, and i think you will be fine, but you should always ask your allergist if your nervous. hope this helped!

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By MadelynesMom on Sun, 12-14-14, 20:51

My daughter is allergic to sunflower seeds as well as peanuts, walnuts, soy, etc. The first time she had a reaction she was participating in a math project in her second grade class. They were using seeds and beans, she ate a sunflower seed. Her teacher was aware of her peanut allergy so took precautions for her safety. At the time we did not know she was also allergic to sunflower. This happened right before school let out for the day so the teacher walked her out to me with her lip big and fat like she was punched. Talk about scared, my daughter's eyes were as big as saucers, she was terrified, I'll never forget it. Thank goodness, it wasn't severe, but be careful! The second time she had a reaction to sunflower it was just a few weeks ago and was much worse. I bought 'everything bagels' and we always check the label for allergens, unfortunately I overlooked the small non-bold print where it plainly listed sunflower seeds as an ingredient. After one bite I immediately noticed the tell-tale hives/blotches around her mouth and puffy red lips, she spent the next hour or two with severe stomach pains and vomiting. I say go with your gut and if you don't trust something--dont take chances.

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