Sixlets- Safe?

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By cayislame on Sat, 04-02-11, 22:04

I found a few older posts but wanted to make a more up to date one. I came across SweetWorks Sixlets, made in Oaf Leaf, Canada. Says "MADE IN A PEANUT FREE FACILITY" and their website says this:

"Sixlets Allergen Information

More Chocolatey Sixlets and Original Sixlets
More Chocolatey Sixlets and original Sixlets are gluten free, peanut free and nut free. They are made in a peanut and tree nut free facility. This product has some allergens - (Soy) lecithin & (Milk) whey powder.

P-Not Butter Sixlets
P-Not-Butter Sixlets do not contain peanuts or tree nuts. They are made in a peanut and tree nut free facility. This product shares some allergens - (Soy) lecithin & (Milk) whey powder, as that of our regular Sixlets. As our raw material supplier for P-Not Butter Sixlets cannot guarantee presence of gluten in the soy flour that we use for P-Not Butter Sixlets, we must say that this product may contain gluten as a precautionary statement.

Cross Contact of Products
To prevent cross contamination of P-Not Butter Sixlets with our other Sixlets, we implement production scheduling to prevent cross contact and cleaning & sanitation validation procedures (ATP) to monitor cleaning efficiency. We also pack these two products separately on separate packaging lines."

also says "Oak Leaf products are made in a peanut and tree nut free facility, along with being OU KOSHER certified by the Orthodox Union."

Anyway, I just wanted to bring it up, because a lot of people seemed upset that the Hersheys' sixlets weren't safe anymore.

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By cayislame on Mon, 04-04-11, 18:41

Just got off the phone with a lady from Sweetworks. She says the ones made in Oak Leaf are peanut free, made in a peanut free facility. JSYK. :)

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