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Safe Ice Cream Cakes

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By zeena2 on Sat, 09-04-10, 20:08

Are there any safe ice cream cakes out there? My daughter has a severe peanut allergy, but is not allergics to tree nuts. Baskin Robbins is totally not safe, either is Dairy Queen. I've looked at one of our local grocery stores, but they say "may contain peanuts" or processed in facility that processes peanuts. If there isn't a safe ones ready made to buy, does anyone have a good recipe?

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By binababy on Sat, 09-04-10, 22:43

I made my own birthday cake this year because I am lactose intolerant, before I found out I was PA/NA. All my baked goods are homemade. In my part of the US there is one nut/peanut free bakery. Can you look on google for nut/peanut free bakeries in your area? Maybe they can make a cake you can cut in half or something and put your own ice cream into?
Are there safe ice creams? I haven't found any except dairy free ones.

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By LittleA on Fri, 07-13-12, 13:38

My daughter is turning five this summer. She is highly allergice to peanuts and tree nuts. In the past, I have made her birthday cakes. This year she has seen all the princess ones in the grocery stores and is begging for one. Does anybody know of a safe grocery store chain that does not have the "processed in a plant with peanut and treenuts?" Thanks so much for your help!

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