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Question for Canadians: Bought Kit Kats without peanut free icon--are they safe?

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By LDR on Sat, 02-18-12, 16:23

Hello Canadians friends:
I live in NY and just returned from a trip to Montreal (fabulous city!). I had heard that the Kit Kats were safe and I know Nestle Canada has peanut free facility labels on some of their products, but I was unable to find any Kit Kat with that label. I'm confused...are Kit Kats without the peanut free icon safe or not?
Thanks so much.

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By EEH on Thu, 03-01-12, 03:12

Hi there! I'm not Canadian, but recently returned from a trip to Toronto. The only KitKats I found with the peanut-free symbol were the snack size bars. The bags I bought contain 20 pieces & have the "peanut with a slash" right on the front. I brought back 3 of them! I can't say with certainty, but I would guess bars without the symbol aren't safe.

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By Theresa.K on Sat, 04-14-12, 22:24

Hi! I am from Canada and have lived here all my life. I have also lived with an extremely severe PA all my life and the Kit-Kat bar is one of my favorites, it doesn't have a peanut free label on the wrapper except in the snack-size ones that usually come out around Halloween, however I have been eating them all my life and have yet to have any problems. They are one of the few chocolate bars that I trust to be safe for me to eat. They don't say anything on the label about being made in a facility that also produces nut products or that it may have come into contact. That generally means they are safe.

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