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Possible Peanut Butter on a Ritz Cracker!

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By jmk33180 on Fri, 11-20-09, 00:39

Help! My husband was just eating from a package of plain, regular-sized Ritz crackers when he came upon a cracker that looked like it had Peanut Butter on it. There is no "may contains" statement on the package and we normally do trust Kraft/Nabisco.

We immediately called Kraft and by the UPC code they said that this particular box "should" be safe and if it was made in the same facility as peanuts it WOULD have been on the packaging. She offered money to replace the box, but that's it.

What should we do? We still have the cracker. Should we send it someplace to 100% identify it is peanut butter? Should we report it to someone?

This makes me nervous if it really is PB because if it was my DS eating it, this could have been disastrous. But we aren't positive it is even PB (so salty it doesn't taste like anything but salt).

Thanks for any help!

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By jmk33180 on Mon, 11-23-09, 16:37

Update - I emailed Kraft and got this:

Thank you for taking the time to visit us at http://www.kraftfoods.com/ and for letting me know about your experience.

I'm sorry to hear that you found excess material that looked like peanut butter on your RITZ cracker and I understand your concern. Because we value your loyalty I hope you'll give us another chance and continue to make our products a tradition at your table.

The substance you're describing is a mixture of the salt, oil and crumbs from the RITZ cracker. All of these items are ingredients in this product, and sometimes this substance can form on the lines during manufacturing and get into the product packaging. The crumbs which also contain salt and oil can form a paste, and the paste can have a similar--even identical--appearance to peanut butter.

To clarify on the presence of any peanuts in this product, it's our policy that if peanuts are included in our products, in any amount, it will be listed in the ingredient line.

I hope this information is helpful, and again, I apologize for this experience. Thank you for your loyalty and we hope that your next experience is a good one.

Kim McMiller
Associate Director, Consumer Relations

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By BeyondAPeanut on Wed, 11-25-09, 14:54

Do you feel better after their response? I thought they did a nice job in explaining what the substance could be, and was impressed at how confident they were that there were no peanuts in this product.

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By jmk33180 on Wed, 11-25-09, 15:26

Yes, I am very satisfied with their response.

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By BestAllergySites on Fri, 11-27-09, 20:54

Thanks for posting the information you worked so hard to find. I'm glad to hear that this issue has been resolved.

I'm curious however how others read the statement I've quoted from above:

"To clarify on the presence of any peanuts in this product, it's our policy that if peanuts are included in our products, in any amount, it will be listed in the ingredient line."

Do you take this to read that if peanuts are in the product in any amount it would be on the label, or do you take this to include if peanut is in the facility or on the line of the non peanut containing product it would be on the label?

I'm asking b/c I personally take the quoted statement to mean that if peanut is in the item no matter how small--it would be listed in the ingredient line--which is the law.

However, per the OPs phone conversation Kraft says that if it's in the facility it will be listed on the package.

I don't get that same sense from the OPs email.

Curious what others think and what others have experienced.

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By tysmom on Tue, 08-14-12, 22:39

I just opened a box of plain Ritz crackers, regular size and noticed peanut butter on several and throughout the sleeve package.
I am quite sure it is peanut butter. Not only does it look like peanut butter but it smells like it as well.
I called Kraft and explained the situation and they offered me coupons! I asked to speak with operations and I was told they were too busy with other customers. I left my name and number and to-date have received no response.
I will be sending the secured product to the FARRP lab at U of Nebraska tomorrow for testing.

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By Bassball23bb on Thu, 02-21-13, 21:43

Did you ever find out whether or not it was peanut butter?

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By Bassball23bb on Fri, 08-17-12, 06:46

Just curious, has anyone considered legal action? A lawsuit would surely get their attention and prompt manufacturing changes much faster than phone calls.

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