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Nestle Mickey Head Ice Cream Bars and Itzakdoozie popsicles at Disney

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By Mom2K on Sun, 05-02-10, 15:29

I'm wondering if anyone has been to Disney lately and used either of these two items for a PN/TN allergic child.

Has anyone spoken/e-mailed with Nestle about these two products recently? If so I'd love your input.

I believe there is no nut warning on these but I'm always leary about ice cream and I don't usually use Nestle products (Drumstick has peanuts, chocolate chips aren't safe) so I want to be prepared so DD isn't upset.


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By alycarr00 on Fri, 05-14-10, 19:54

I just got back from Disney.....The Itzikadoozi are NUT FREE!!!! The mickey heads I was told are manufactured by Nestle....in a factory that manufactures produced with peanuts!

If you contact disney they will be VERY accomadating and help you out! Also, look up Disboards.com There is a forum called DISabilities....there are lots of info on allergy stuff!

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By islandgirl on Tue, 05-18-10, 05:16

We go to WDW 4 to 6 times a year. They are the best place to go with food allergies. Every restaurant will have a special binder of every menu item and all ingredients as well as manufacturing information. For the fine dinning the chef comes out to the table and allows you and the child to special order. They then prepare the items special. They do the same at character dining which are buffets. We had the very same experience on the Disney Cruise. Just ask and you will be very happy with the level of knowledge, care and information.


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