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By beachbabexoxo on Thu, 02-25-10, 05:19

okay so i know that on the regular m&ms package it says "may contain..etc" but my mom works witha a company that deals with m&m mars, the makers of m&ms, and the man she was talking to was absolutely 10000% sure that there was no comtamination and that they were safe for me. i also have a friend who is really allergic and he eats the regular m&ms all the time- no problem, so are they safe?

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By jenniferbfab on Fri, 02-26-10, 21:26

Ooooh that's tough.

My opinion? It's really your choice. I have always been under the impression they are a "may contains" and "may contains" are not safe for my son. But like your friend, we have friends who eat "may contains" with no problems. You'll have to do some "soul searching" and decide how important it is to eat those plain M&Ms and if you are comfortable with the risk (however big or nonexistent it may be).

Good luck. These are tough decisions.


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By BestAllergySites on Mon, 03-01-10, 18:20


I agree with Jen, it is totally 100% up to you.

That being said and so you know....

In a study of foods with warning labels up to 7% of them contained detectable levels of peanut protein even though peanut was not an ingredient. Also, there are some in the food allergy community who HAVE had reactions to m&ms.

My understanding of the m&m warning label is that they are made in the same facility or on the same equipment as the peanut m&ms.

So again--your choice. Just want you to have all the facts! :)

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By smaug20000 on Wed, 06-23-10, 17:52

We did eat regular m&m's safely at my house in my PA daughter, but I decided it wasn't worth the risk. I also don't like the fact that the reese's pieces look so much like the m&m's. I think it is safer to not eat any of them. Not worth the risk.

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By HealinRN on Wed, 06-30-10, 15:11

I can tell you with 100% certainty that they are NOT SAFE!!!
My 18 year old daughter who is anaphylactically allergic to peanuts found just that the hard way....a peanut M&M in a plain bag of M&M's...fortunately for her, she called 911 immediately.

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By momoffrank on Wed, 10-27-10, 23:15

I have a severely PA alleregic son who does eat Plain m&m's. We open the pack put only a couple in a bowl make sure there are no peanut ones mixed in and let him eat only 5-10 at a time. He so far has not had a reaction. Thank God. But as with any food manufactured in large plants like that You run a risk.
But like everyone else has told you It has to be a purely personal decision. Take the facts as you know them and make your decision.
Good Luck

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By zeena2 on Thu, 10-28-10, 03:14

My daugther use to eat m&m's without any problems, but then they started labeling them with "may contain" and we stopped purchasing them. Although I wonder if it would be alright to try them again. It's just something that makes me way too nervous to purchase an item with "may contain"

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By MNpeanutfreemommy on Tue, 11-02-10, 23:36

Our allergist told us that those products that have a statement "may contain" has a 20% chance of having enough of that allergen to cause a reaction. I personally feel that this is too large a gamble to play and would avoid.

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By HookwormIsHope on Thu, 11-04-10, 17:46

I eat them all the time too...I have the most severe form of PA and I'm positive that that the regular kind are perfectly safe.

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By cervonil on Thu, 11-04-10, 21:07

they might have been safe for you so far - but that doesn't mean they are absolutely safe. If they are made on shared equipment with the peanut kind they could at some point be contaminated, otherwise they wouldn't have the warning label. My son ate them for a very long time with no problems, but now that he is properly diagnosed we don't take that chance.

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By HookwormIsHope on Sat, 11-06-10, 02:54

So he had to be "properly diagnosed" for you to become more cautious than you need to? For as long as I've been alive, I've been able to eat certain foods (certain brand names) and that's that. I've done this for years. My allergy only gets more sensitive with every exposure so I'm sure my system would detect even the most minute traces of peanuts...

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By cervonil on Sat, 11-06-10, 22:45

the first time he had a reaction (wheezing, coughing) they told me he aspirated food into his lungs - no mention of peanut allergy - it never even crossed my mind. Wasn't until a year later it happened again and the said a)aspiration or b) peanut allergy. So we had him tested and it was peanuts. Within that year he had the allergy, but we had no idea, so we gave him may contain items all the time. (he hated peanuts and the smell of peanut butter so he never ate it) Now that we know it is a peanut allergy we don't give him may contains ever.

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By Jennifer-is-always-sick on Sat, 11-06-10, 21:29

I personally don't see a point to chance it at all. Are M&Ms really so important to eat that one would risk playing Russian Roulette just to have a few pieces? There are safer chocolates on the market if you have a craving. Just my opinion, personally.

I found out from the school nurse here that some peanut allergic kids eat the plain m&ms and their parents say it's okay because "they've never had a reaction." That's the point, though, isn't it? They haven't had a reaction, but that's because that particular bag, thankfully, had no cross contamination. Peanut isn't SUPPOSED to be in there, but there's a chance it could be, and that's not a risk I'm willing to take.

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By zeena2 on Sat, 11-06-10, 21:37

The chocolate skippers from Vermont Nut Free are similar to m&m's, but in my opinion are much better. Although, the only downside is that they cost alot more. So if anyone is looking for alternative to m&m's the skippers are worth a try.

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By amr916 on Tue, 11-09-10, 06:11

Its' up to you whether or not you take the risk, but I have a severe PA and I eat m&ms without any reaction.

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By Kelly White on Sat, 04-16-11, 17:31

Here is what Mars Inc. (the makers of M&M's) says about allergens in their products (copied from the company's website):

It is our company policy that if the protein from any one of the top eight allergens* were to be unintentionally transferred from one product/ingredient to another, then we would clearly indicate this in a statement just below the ingredient declaration ("Allergy Information: May Contain "). As a result, we use the "May Contain " statement when:

We have used all reasonable means to eliminate the allergen cross contact; and we have documented proof that, despite our best cleaning efforts, allergen cross contact exists.

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By sherljim on Sun, 05-19-13, 00:14

I'm surprised to see so many people prepared to "play Russian roulette" with plain M&M's. I don't have peanut allergy, but I used to work for M&M/Mars before I retired. I have tremendous respect for the company and know the extent to which they go to avoid contamination of the plain with the peanut M&M's. Having said that I can absolutely guarantee that there will be cross contamination - albeit at a low level. Plain, peanut, and peanut butter M&M's are all made in the same plants. Hence the "May Contain" warning - it's not just legal protection for the company - it's a statement of fact. Please, please, please don't take the chance!

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By HouCuseChickie on Sun, 06-02-13, 04:05

DD6 is both PA and TA. We had let her have plain M&Ms and she was fine until sometime last year. Thankfully, it was a very mild reaction, but it was enough for us to ban M&Ms in our house.

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By Houseofwindsor on Mon, 09-30-13, 18:12

Just let my two year old Daughter who is allergic to all nuts have 1 plain MnM. With in minutes she became nauseated, threw up all over herself, had hives and was obviously having a reaction to the single M&M.
I am without a doubt sure that the M&M , all M&M's are to be steered clear of. No matter what anyone tells you, no matter what you read. STAY CLEAR of M&M's if your kid is allergic to peanuts / tree nuts.....

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