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Market Pantry Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches

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By zeena2 on Sat, 10-30-10, 19:59

I was shopping at Target and found Market Pantry brand ice cream cookie sandwiches. It had allergen warnings on it, but peanut was not listed, nor were any kind of nuts. We purchased them, but my daughter hasn't tried them yet. I am excited to see how she does with them. She so loves that type of ice cream treat and it is so very hard to find ones that are safe for her.

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By sarah3344 on Thu, 11-18-10, 17:55

Good to know. We are always looking for safe ice cream for my PA son too - it's hard to find.

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By wehatepeanuts on Thu, 12-16-10, 14:15

Thanks! Let us know how they are!!

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By thesamman on Fri, 07-27-12, 19:54

I just called Target to find out further allergy information for these ice cream sandwiches. The product has a "contains" statement that does NOT include anything about peanuts or tree nuts, but i wasn't sure about their facility labeling. The representative told me that the vendor has "a program in place to avoid cross-contamination". I had her clarify, for which she said that the facility DOES also process peanuts, but this product does not share manufacturing lines with peanut products. She then stated that if they shared manufacturing lines, they would have also put a statement on the packaging stating so.
My little guy has taken 2 little bitty bites of one of these sandwiches and has had no reaction. I have to admit, these are pretty yummy, so I'm hoping he continues to be OK eating them.

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