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Goldfish - PF Doesn't Label for May Contain/In a Facility?

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By TracyC on Mon, 01-11-10, 14:16

I went through a ton of old and new posts yesterday and unfortunately, I can't remember exactly what I read without going through it all again. (Turning 41 stinks!)

I believe there was some confusion over whether Pepperidge Farm labels for May Contain/In a Facility.

MY PA/TA sons have been eating them forever, but the package says nothing about May Contain or In a Facility.

A post about Goldfish from May 2009 says calling was not helpful. I know PF manufactures other products with nuts.

Anyone else have any info? Do other PA/TA kids eat Goldfish?

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By mom on a mission on Fri, 01-15-10, 23:42

I contacted Pepperidge Farms regarding the same issue. I noticed that there were pecans in one of their cookie products, and it did not have a May Contain statement on the label. I was immediately concerned about Goldfish crackers. Here is their reply:

"Pepperidge Farm follows all government regulations regarding the labeling of our products. In the case of the top 8 allergens (peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, eggs, fish, wheat, soy and shellfish) we list those ingredients in the product ingredient statement, no matter how small the amount might be. We do not include any of those items under the broader listings of "spices" or "natural flavors". We recommend that consumers always check the ingredient statement and evaluate the product based on the statement.

We know many consumers have come to trust our Goldfish crackers to be nut/peanut free. With the exception of one specific seasonal item – the Chocolate Dunked Pretzel Goldfish - we currently produce our Goldfish crackers on production lines that do not use nuts/peanuts.

We work hard to clean and sanitize production equipment to minimize the risk of cross contact with any allergens (e.g., peanuts). We use a "may contain" statement on any products when we feel, despite the application of good manufacturing practices, there is a small risk of cross contact. Our decision to use a "May Contain" statement is made on a product-by-product basis with the consumer's safety being the ultimate goal."

I haven't had a chance to post this on my blog, but I do try to continuously add company labeling policy information on a regular basis.

Mom on a Mission

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By hmdimaggio on Wed, 01-20-10, 04:16

I called Pepperage Farms and talked with someone about whether or not there were peanuts in the goldfish foods. I also asked about the traces of tree nuts etc. They told me absolutely not! They are a peanut free company. I called the 800 number on the back of the fishy package.

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By ShanMarie on Thu, 05-20-10, 02:03

That is absolutely not correct. They have cookies that contain nuts and peanuts. My daughter had a reaction to a Milano cookie that does NOT have any listing of a peanut/nut product nor does it have a "may contain" label either. When I called and spoke to a supervisor, I pretty much got the same statement as the person above. I am very leery of PF products now because upon closely looking at their labels the other night in the store, they only list the nuts/peanuts in the ingredients list. They dont even list it as an allergen.

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By mom on a mission on Thu, 05-20-10, 02:13

Unfortunately, they don't have to list it as an allergen as long as it is in the ingredient list. Companies only have to list a food in an allergen list if the ingredient is not something commonly known, i.e., casein is an ingredient but not everyone knows that it is a milk product. In that case, the food manufacturer has to specify milk in a separate allergy statement. PF lists pecans and almonds in their ingredient list so, by law, they don't have to list them separately.

I didn't realize this until I came across the PF label. I just assumed that all companies had to include a separate allergen list or a may contains statement. It was a wake-up call for sure.

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By ShanMarie on Fri, 05-21-10, 13:42

It was a wake up call for us too. It is infuriating as well to know that companies are not required to list May Contain or Processed on warnings. It is reactions to these products that scare me because according to their label, there is nothing in there that would cause a reaction.

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By zeena2 on Wed, 10-27-10, 03:02

My daughter has a severe peanut allergy and she has been able to eat goldfish crackers for years without any problems. We haven't tried any of the milano cookies, though.

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By Sandrin on Wed, 11-17-10, 12:04

Not long ago I watched the film about chemicals in our food. If I'm not mistaken I've downloaded it at shared files SE http://filecraft.com . It turns out that this industry develops very fast and the government is not able to catch up with its progress. If the chemical is not registred the producers think they have a right to use it in food. In such a way we get a lot of harmful chemicals in what we it.

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By wehatepeanuts on Thu, 12-16-10, 14:23

I emailed them 2 months ago, I cant find the email..But I do know all the products are made in a nut facility, incuding breads...All except the cheddar goldfish..

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By concerned mommy on Fri, 01-28-11, 21:43

You are ABSOLUTELY right!!!! Goldfish crackers ARE made in a facility that processes nuts. It's only the LINE that is nut/peanut free. That's too much of a risk for me. My son has quite a few nut/peanut allergies in his class. I live in Canada and we switched to Dare products which are made in a nut/peanut free facility and their Bear Paws crackers are a great alternative!

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By wehatepeanuts on Sat, 01-29-11, 00:07

I agree..Just ordered the bear paws, and so far my daughter is fine with sunshine cheez its..I felt liek when she ate the goldfish, she got rashy a few times...Hope she likes the bearpaws...I also buy Dare :)

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By ShanMarie on Sat, 01-29-11, 00:26

I have been giving my daughter the goldfish because it is made on a peanut/tree nut free line and I just put two and two together. She has been scratching like a mad woman for about a week, about the same amount of time that she has been eating the goldfish regularly. One more thing to take away from her. Sigh....

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By chelle.tovar on Sun, 02-27-11, 21:06

So, is it official that we have to stay away from goldfish too? If so, has anyone ever heard of Aunties Bunnies crackers? I think they are an organic brand and I wonder if anyone knows off hand if they are completely peanut free?

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By mom on a mission on Tue, 03-01-11, 00:51

Do you mean Annie's Homegrown Bunny Crackers/Cookies? I stopped purchasing Goldfish Crackers for the most part because of the artificial dyes. My peanut allergic daughter had never had an issue with them, but I still switched us to the Bunny Crackers. From reading other comments above, it's probably better that we did anyway. The Annie's products aren't completely organic, but are definitely better for the kids than Goldfish Crackers.

Their website states that they label if a product is manufactured in the same facility with the Top 8 Allergens. I wrote a post on Annie's (which included their allergy info.) last year on my blog. At the time, they were giving away free reusable lunch bags. Not sure if they still are or not, but that info. is also on my blog. Here's the link: http://peanutclinicaltrial.blogspot.com/search/label/Annie%27s%20Homegrown.

Mom with a Mission

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By Sahm23 on Thu, 03-03-11, 16:56

I just bought a box of Annie's Homegrown Gluten Free Bunny Cookies in Cocoa and Vanilla. It says right on the box that they are produced in a peanut/tree nut free facility. It was the only reason I bought them! :) Now, I hope they taste good! :)

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By Teebst on Fri, 03-18-11, 23:01

I stopped giving my daughter the PF Goldfish. She had been broke out for a while and I couldn't figure out why as we are very vigilant regarding what she eats. I finally figured out what was causing it....she had a small piece of goldfish stuck to her face and when I got it off there was a red blotch right where the goldfish piece had been! Sure enough, once I stopped giving her the goldfish she cleared right up :/

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By cdnsmith on Sat, 03-26-11, 15:08

I was told when i called PF specifically about the goldfish crackers that all of the GF flavors EXCEPT the chocolate pretzel blast are made in a peanut free facility, my daughter has been eating these without problem so far and she lOVES them, maybe i'll give them another call... not sure what to believe now, this si so frustrating! Deanne

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By jennifer41 on Tue, 03-29-11, 16:16

I called PF yesterday and was told that the goldfish crackers are made in a peanut free facility.

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By concerned mommy on Wed, 04-06-11, 14:57

I called too and they told me that only the line is nut free.

If they were made in a peanut/nut free facility, they would be SCREAMING it on their packaging. Why would they purposely keep it off? Too suspicious for me, so they are off my list.

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By Teebst on Tue, 03-29-11, 16:30

It was the large package of Goldfish sold at our local wholesale club which caused the reaction in my DD. She had been eating the smaller packages from the store fine previously. When I called they told me that if there was a chance of peanut contamination then it would have said so on the packaging. I requested that they look into the specific facility where these goldfish were made just to make sure, since it was so obviously these goldfish causing my DD's reaction. They said no, so I requested a refund. Goldfish are no longer in my comfort zone, unfortunately.

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By jennifer41 on Tue, 03-29-11, 19:51

That's too bad. A responsible company would have looked into the packaging plant. Hummmm......I'm not feeling too comfortable with this information either. I think I will cross goldfish off the list. There are so many other snacks to chose from, so why take the chance.....

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By cdnsmith on Mon, 04-04-11, 15:33

Jennifer, i was wondering what the other snacks were that you feel more comfortable with? I'm new to this and trying to find foods i feel safe using, thanks for any help, deanne

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By Teebst on Mon, 04-04-11, 15:40

Right now her snack options are the honey flavored Teddy Grahams, Great Value vanilla wafers, Great Value fig newtons, Members Mark fruit snacks and Cheese Head string cheese. She also likes to snack on the Chex corn or rice flavored cereal. I carry around a handful of the fruit snacks in my purse in case we are somewhere and peanut contaminated snacks are served. This is the only time she eats the fruit snacks so she feels they are a treat and she's not missing out. We have Sunbutter, but I can't get her to eat it!

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By cdnsmith on Tue, 04-05-11, 17:14

Awesome thank you very much for your help!

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By alokorea on Thu, 09-29-11, 09:51

My daughter, who is only PA, had one of the worst reactions ever to plain Teddy Grahams (the snack packs). I don't trust Kraft at all in terms of their facilities

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By Teebst on Thu, 09-29-11, 12:18

After I posted my list of snacks someone else on here posted about their child reacting to the Teddy Grahams as well. I switched to Annie's cheddar bunnies instead of Goldfish and the honey bunnies instead of the Teddy Grahams.

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By jnayrapp on Thu, 11-17-11, 17:03

I recently discovered that my son has a TA allergy and I slowly have been eliminating products that don't say if it is processed in the same facility as tree nuts that he reacts to. Goldfish has caused a reaction every single time so I cut it out. His school acidently gave him goldfish for a snack because they are listed online as "nut free" and he has a horrible reaction at that time as well. Goldfish crackers are NOT nut free

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By LorraineK20000 on Fri, 12-09-11, 17:46

This is very confusing because my dd eats goldfish almost every day, and teddy grahams many times, and she has never had a reaction.

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By Teebst on Fri, 12-09-11, 21:09

Peanut allergies are tricky. I have an adult friend who is allergic to peanuts, but he only reacts if the peanuts are an actual ingredient. He has no problems eating cross contaminated items, like Little Debbies. Your daughter might be able to eat them and not have a problem. It's hard to say.

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By jnayrapp on Fri, 12-09-11, 22:36

This is very strange. I have read posts of people who's children were fine and others who's children were not when eating goldfish. My son specifically has tree nut allergies and the worst one being with walnuts, but he is not allergic to peanuts. Perhaps that has something to do with it.

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