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Frito Lay?

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By cayislame on Wed, 02-02-11, 18:22

How do you all feel about Frito-Lay? I've eaten Doritos, and generally do without incident, and I know some people that eat other brands by them as well. I know they make peanut products, but I was assured that the non-peanut products were run on other lines where peanuts aren't (at least the particular flavor I asked about was.)

I got this e-mail:

"Thank you for contacting Frito-Lay with your ingredient concerns. Lay's Sour Cream and Onion chips are not made on lines where peanuts or tree nuts are processed.

The good news is that most of our snacks are free of peanuts and tree nuts. Frito-Lay products that contain or may contain peanut/tree nut-related ingredients can easily be identified, since ingredients, as well as allergy information, are clearly labeled on the back of every package beneath the ingredient statement.

We would like to suggest that it would be a safe practice for those with peanut/tree nut-related allergies to review the ingredients of ANY product on a regular basis.

For a list of snacks that you would want to avoid, please go to the "Your Health" section of our website, under "For Special Dietary Needs." There you will see a list of "Products That May Contain Peanuts or Tree Nuts."

Thanks again for choosing Frito-Lay snacks . We will continue to provide the information you need to make safe, great-tasting choices."

What do you guys think? I'm a little hesitant to try them still. I called today, but because of weather conditions they aren't answering right now.

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By cervonil on Tue, 02-08-11, 13:45

I think Frito Lay is great - check out there website -that section she discussed. I wish every company did that. I am super strict with what I allow my son to eat - and I feel totally comfortable with Frito Lay right now.

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By wehatepeanuts on Tue, 02-15-11, 12:44

Me too! I feel so comfortable with Frito Lay

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By Kylies Yammaw on Fri, 02-25-11, 17:56

Absolutely feel safe with Frito Lay!

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By jabber on Mon, 03-21-11, 20:12

My son is being successfully Treated for his Peanut allergy. His current dose is 14 peanuts per day. He eats Frito-Lay products that do not
have a warning. We live in their HQ city.
Hope that is helpful-

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By Teebst on Sat, 06-30-12, 18:03

I've noticed "Contains" ingredient warnings on Frito Lays chips, but not "May Contain" warnings. They might be fine to eat for PA/TN if the company doesn't use peanut or tree nuts in general at all, but I'd caution those with wheat or milk allergies who cannot tolerate cross contamination. It's likely the chips are being made in the same facility but no may contain milk or wheat label is being put on the packages. This also makes me a little nervous about just how conscientious they are about ingredient labels.

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By Nalativa on Sat, 10-20-12, 22:19

My two year old brother has severe peanut, tree nut, and egg allergies. He absolutely loves Cheetos and Doritos and will eat a whole bag if possible.

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