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Dove Chocolate Bar

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By kalelpeanut on Mon, 02-28-11, 22:08

Hey guys!!!
I realized that Dove chocolate bar does not have a may contain peanut warning anymore.
I called them and they said that Mars now have a facility that is peanut free in the US.
I'm sooo happy!
My son will have his first Dove chocolate bar!!! Yipee!!!

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By nutallergymum on Mon, 03-21-11, 04:17

Wow I'm going to check Mar's in Australia, I noticed Maltesers didn't have that on it anymore either...


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By cervonil on Mon, 03-21-11, 20:54

OMG - but Dove does make peanut butter candy, they just make that in a different facility? If it does not have the warning does that mean it is made in the Peanut free facility? I wasn't aware they always labelled for "in a facility".

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By cervonil on Wed, 03-23-11, 20:03

Oh My Gosh - everyone should call Dove. If you call the automated system says "If you want a list of products that do not contain peanuts click here" I called and they said those products are not made on shared equipment or in a facility but always check the label. I had no idea that they (MARS) has AMAZING labelling. They will label any product that is made on equipment or in a facility with peanuts as "May contains Peanuts" Both reps I spoke to said if there is ANY chance for cross contamination they label. How amazing is that? I mean most companies say we use good cleaning practices and therefore we don't label for May contains. I am so HAPPY! Thank you for posting!!

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By pnkid06 on Sun, 04-15-12, 17:54

where did you find the automated line with a list of products? I also don't see anything about the ice cream bars. They look good but I need more information.

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By cervonil on Sun, 04-15-12, 18:02


Call (800) 551-0704

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By pnkid06 on Sun, 04-15-12, 19:14

I see the list of chocolates on their website. I called the same # before and the allergy promt is #4 but does not list products. I also have not seen or heard anything about the ice cream bars and if you go to the ice cream website it does not have a peanut tree nut section like the one I found on the chocolate site. Thanks for your help and any help finding the ice cream information would be appreciated. I'll try calling and will post after I find anything new.

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