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Don't use Duncan Hines Cake Mixes even if there's no peanut warning.

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By janeanneowen on Tue, 05-26-09, 16:19

My son had an allergic reaction this past week to Duncan Hines Classic White Cake mix. There is not a peanut allergy warning on it. He has been tested for the other allergens listed and he is not allergic to them. I called Duncan Hines. Their cake mix is manufactered by a 3rd party manufacturer. They have in writing that it is made on a dedicated line but the DH rep said it is likely that there are nuts at the plant. She said DH is following the law not having a peanut warning because peanuts are not required to be listed because they are not an ingredient. (May have nuts or Made in a factory that process peanuts is not a required warning.)

Here's my son's alleric reaction story: http://gravityofmotion.blogspot.com/2009/05/cake-disaster.html

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By BeyondAPeanut on Tue, 05-26-09, 20:33

Hi Jane, I was so sorry to read about your son’s reaction! I am always concerned even confused when I read “Allergy Information” without a “May Contains” statement. To date our family has used Pillsbury products without any problems.

Experiences like this take time to recover from. Thank you for sharing. It is easy to get comfortable, and stories like yours keep us all on heightened awareness.

On another note I am glad you received your Beyond A Peanut – Food Allergy Awareness Cards, and was pleased that you found them to be “Wonderfully Educational”.

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By cats4me on Wed, 05-27-09, 03:31

I've been contacting various companies regarding cross-contamination with peanut products. One manufacturer
(I believe it was an ice cream company) wrote back saying that they don't mention shared equipment info on their products because they feel it is over-labeling. Well, I want over-labeling! I don't feel safe eating a product just because peanuts aren't on the ingredients or allergen lists.
Canada seems to have it right: dedicated facilities for several products. I wonder what it would take to get the US to require "shared equipment" info on all processed foods. (Dedicated facilities may be too much to ask...)

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By Bassball23bb on Mon, 06-15-09, 04:50


Something I thought I would mention is that both my younger sister and myself have severe peanut/nut allergies. I have ate DH white cakes in the past many times without incident, however, my sister can't eat it without having an allergic reaction. The interesting thing is that we discovered her reaction was 'Soy Protein Isolate' and not peanut/nut.

My sister can foods with various types of soy in them except for soy protein isolate. Perhaps it is worth investigating whether or not this is the case with some who have experienced reactions from DH cake mixes.

Also, soy protein isolate isn't very common in cake mixes and seems to exclusive to the DH white cake mixes and not any others.


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By janeanneowen on Thu, 07-16-09, 20:48

Chris, my son has been tested for all of the major allergens including soy. I imagine that the soy test would have covered soy protein isolate, although I have never heard of it. That's very interesting. Does your sister have a soy allergy - and can tolerate it in some forms?
Thanks for the response.
Jane Anne

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By Bassball23bb on Sat, 07-18-09, 05:55


My sister is only sensitive to the soy protein isolate. Other forms of soy in processed foods are not an issue. She has had severe reactions in the past from items like canned soups and vegetarian foods like soy burgers, etc. Soy lecithin and soybean oil are not an issue.

She also had a bad reaction once to soy milk.

I discovered that the DH white cake mix had Soy protein isolate when she brought it to my attention. It's definitely worth paying attention to just in case.

Hope this helps!

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By gw_mom3 on Sun, 06-21-09, 03:14

A former member here had a son that had a bad reaction to Duncan Hines.

the ice cream manufacturer mentioned above was probably Edy's/Dreyers. They have told others that as well. Plus they don't consider peanut oil an allergen.

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By beli on Tue, 06-23-09, 02:58

Go to Cherrybrook Kithen.com they sell peanut free,dairy free, and gluten free cake mixes and cookie mixes. My son with PA has tried almost everything on that site and he loves it. He can go to b-day parties and have cake too.

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By janeanneowen on Thu, 07-16-09, 20:49

Thanks for reminding me about Cherrybrook. I really need to try them out.

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By gw_mom3 on Tue, 06-23-09, 03:53

For those who buy Cherrybrook Kitchen mixes, be sure to save the box flaps because you can get free stuff with them. :)

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By jenniferbfab on Fri, 07-17-09, 03:20

I never knew that about the box tops! Good tip! Yep, we are loyal Cherrybrook Kitchen fans too.

Jennifer B

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By BestAllergySites on Fri, 07-17-09, 23:02

Yes! you can get additional mixes or other items. We buy the cake mix ALL the time and have saved up quite a few.

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By gw_mom3 on Sat, 07-18-09, 02:44

btw I get lots of compliments on the Cherrybrook Kitchens cakes when I make them for my kids' parties. People are amazed that they have no egg in them. I wish they weren't so spendy but they're definitely worth it. I also wish I could find them locally but at least I can get them at faraway stores or from peanutfreeplanet.com.

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By angelm on Sat, 08-01-09, 13:16

When you say Classic White Cake Mix did you mean Classic Yellow? In my experiences with cake mixes, I have learned through the years (2 PA sons) not to buy or order white cakes because they use almond flavoring or almond flour in most recipes. I have used DH products for years (not the white cake mix, though) and have never had a problem. Thanks!

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By mamabearserenity on Tue, 10-27-09, 03:36

I haven't used DH for years because they seemed to have a lot of recalls. This is horrible what happened! I am glad he is OK! 3rd party cake mix manufacturer? I will definately never use them! Thanks so much for sharing and I am glad your son is ok; that must have been scary!

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By mbzb on Thu, 06-21-12, 23:31

Duncan Hines chocolate icing. No "may contain traces" warning, but just brought my son home from the emergency room from just a taste. No other allergens present in the ingredients and according to my allergist & based on his allergen history, that severe a reaction would only be from peanuts or peanut cross-contamination. Our very first epipen. Not ever using Duncan Hines anything again!

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By janeanneowen on Sun, 06-24-12, 04:47

Oh, I am so sorry, mbzb. I am glad that your son is okay. After our incident, I would never use Duncan Hines anything again, either.

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By [email protected] on Wed, 05-08-13, 13:45

This is so disheartening. I feel so guilty for taking risks like this. I swear Food allergies are horrendous. I pray for a cure!

Glad your son is ok now. I feel so trapped not know what I can buy safely.

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