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Cereal and Oatmeal- safe products i would like to share with you....

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By warriormom7 on Tue, 06-05-12, 15:06

my local piggly wiggly recently started carrying a line of products that are not only healthy and delicious but are safe for my PA/SA little one. The product line is actually two different things: one is a line of ready-to-eat-breakfast cereal's called Mom's Best Natural's. Here is their website:
The other is a line of (and i really can't believe i have finally found this:) ORGANIC OATMEAL. their products are available on Amazon in case your local store isn't carrying them yet.

The rep i talked to this morning was very helpful and checked multiple times on various products to assure me of their safety. The almond flavoring in their cereals is just that: flavoring, and is not derived from any actual nut. i would urge anyone who is looking to call and ask whatever questions you need to in order to find out for yourself, but for now i am satisfied that i have found a healthy, safe alternative to Post and Kellog cereals.

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