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By george on Thu, 02-23-12, 06:00

Hello all. We have recently discovered that our son is allergic to peanuts.

I would appreciate some insights and comments on what I am going to write. We are a bit worried about all this consider nobody in my family or my wife's family is allergic to anything.

Here is how it happened. 2 Days ago my son had just before he went to bed some peanuts, a mix of them but he selected most of the pistachios. Then he had a glass of warm milk and still stayed for 2 hours up before we put him to bed.

In the morning we simply got taken of our feet, more the 30% of the upper body was swallowed and he we as red arround the spots and he said it hearts a bit in the spots and he was scratching.

We took him to the doctor and as usual the local doctors say "no worries" and gave us a syrup. Then we decided to take him to emergency and the guys there said the words steroids and we refused.

Now he is home and already 48+ hours into this reaction and he is not getting better. The swelling disappeared one still on the forehead and everything now turned to a soft pink/red spot.

My wife put him also on antibiotics because on top of the reaction he was bitten by a mosketor and the spot got a bit read...

We are new to this and we would appreciate your comments.

Considering the reaction was not immediate as I said it lasted 2 hours until he got to be and I did not see anything untill the morning, how long will such a reaction will last?

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