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Safe Easter candy?

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By EEH on Wed, 03-02-11, 17:50

I was wondering what those of you have been TN/PN free for awhile do for Easter. I have a 15 month old son who I know will love an egg hunt w/ his cousins. I'm planning on stuffing all the eggs b/c I want to be certain they are safe. I'd love any recommendations on what to put in them. What candy is typically safe? I'm definitely planning on doing some non-food stuff like stickers. I'd be appreciative of any ideas! Thanks!

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By dinosaurs1 on Thu, 03-03-11, 16:18

My son has a PN allergy as well. We use a variety of items. Sometimes we order from Vermont nut free chocolates, especially the Milk chocolate Skippers - just like an M&M. We also just go to the grocery store and buy many things like Hershey's bars(large, and now they have Hershey's individual like 6 to a pack, Rolo's, Peppermint Patties, Hershey Kisses, Milkduds, and many citrus type like Skittles. We have NO trouble finding things for Halloween, Easter, etc.

Hope it helps!

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By cervonil on Thu, 03-03-11, 23:29

We don't buy/trust any chocolate from the grocery store except Ande's Mints, Toosie Rolls, junior mints, and sixlets. We use Starbursts, jolly ranchers, nerds, dum dum lolipops, smarties and skittles. and coins - they love coins! If there is anything that is too big to put in the eggs they can collect coins and "buy" it from you. Enjoy Life brand from whole Foods has full size candy bars that are made in a peanut free facility.

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By EEH on Fri, 03-04-11, 02:51

Thanks for the info! I'm crazy busy with work for the next few weeks & the thought of spending hours in the grocery store reading the labels on all the bags of easter candy seems totally overwhelming right now. At least you guys have narrowed down the candy aisle for me!

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By cervonil on Fri, 03-04-11, 12:27

Just remember that just because it doesn't have a "may contain peanuts" warning it still may be made on the same equipment with peanuts. That warning label is voluntary and many companies do not use it. The only way to know for sure is to call the company about the specific product.

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