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Peanut Oil

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By Tornadic VLA on Wed, 08-31-11, 02:22

I have heard rumors that "refined" peanut oil might be safe for a peanut and tree nut allergy. Is this true? Thanks Much!

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By cervonil on Thu, 09-01-11, 11:36

with Highly refined peanut oil they bleach, deodorize and refine it, therefore removing most detectable levels of peanut protein. Most experts will say that it is safe for "most" peanut allergy people. This is not to be confused with cold pressed, which you;'d find in the grocery store. Many people still avoid it for fear their might be trace amounts leftover to cause a reaction, but my pediatrician and allergist said it is safe and he has eaten it before at Chick fila so he can continue to do so. Turns out I got paranoid and we stopped eating it, but he had eaten it many times with no problem.

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