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PA daughter getting hives with showering

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By peanutskill on Tue, 02-21-12, 05:03

for the last 2 years my daughter has been having me check her for lice almost daily cause she said her scalp was itchy...I always wrote it off as she needed to wash her hair more often. she was really complaining of it and I noticed a couple of red spots on her forehead after showering and she said she itched really bad so did the benedryl and hydrocortisone lotion. Went to the allergist the next day and he said perhaps it was the fragrance. So he gave us this stuff called Free and Clear and said they sell it behind the pharmacy counter but you dont need a prescription. So she showered that night and used the free and clear shampoo and WOW. HIVE city. so I called the allergist back and he gave me a name of some sodium chemical that is in all shampoo's and said it must be that cause it was the only thing that was the same in both shampoos. So now we moved on to baking soda and water to shampoo her hair...the problem is she is still breaking out in hives when she showers...Its not on her body but just on her face and her hair line and ears and neck. Anyone have any ideas cause she will be a scuz dog if I dont make her shower but showering makes her miserable.

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By LMJ on Tue, 05-15-12, 00:55

Consider the possibility of either cold induced hives or heat induced hives. "cold induced urticaria", "cholinergic urticaria"

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